Jack of all Trades, Master of Color: Meet Datacolor’s Daniel Liao

Role: Technical Manager – Asia Pacific


Location: Taipei, Taiwan


Where you’ll typically find Daniel: At customer location helping with installation or doing training


Favorite color: “No particular color, as long as it is harmonic and appropriate for the moment.”


Fun Fact:“I have travelled all over the globe for Datacolor. My colleagues are my friends who live in different countries. Now this IS fun.”


Daniel Liao, technical manager ASP at Datacolor quote

If you ever spend time with Datacolor team members, it becomes clear: people who work here are a special breed (though we may be a little bit biased). Great professionals and scientists. But also kind and friendly humans. Supporting, welcoming, with big hearts and smiles.


We had a chance to speak with Daniel Liao and got some great insights and advice from one of our most senior Datacolor employees.


Jack of all trades, master of color


Daniel has a degree in chemical engineering and more than 30 years of experience in the textile dyeing, plastics and coatings industries. He truly has a wealth of knowledge and is Datacolor’s own master of color.


We asked him what recommendations he can give to those who want to start a career in color. His answer? Open your mind and absorb. Absorb what your clients are saying and looking for. Absorb and learn what’s going on in other industries. Learn and read. You never know where inspiration may come from.  It comes back to knowledge and experience; even the greatest products won’t work if you can’t fine tune them for each customer.


Family first


Daniel enjoys spending time with his family. Playing with grandchildren grounds and inspires him. He considers himself to be an open, warm and kind person. No wonder he brings the same kind of attitude to his work life. As a technical manager at Datacolor, he’s striving to provide the best service to customers, focusing on issues, needs and coming up with the solutions that will dramatically improve their approach to color.


Datacolor’s international team is Daniel’s big family and one of the reasons why he enjoys coming to work every day. Having worked with the company more that 30 years, the bonds that were formed here are very precious for him.


quote from Daniel Liao Datacolor technical manager ASP

Color as work and color as passion

Daniel’s life is full of color (forgive us for the pun!). if he’s not visiting customers to help with their color workflow, then he’s doing trainings for color connoisseurs all around the Asia Pacific region or attending product development meetings.


He admits that he was surprised how little some companies know about color. “It’s everywhere, we think we know it. But we really don’t. This is why he’s dedicated to teaching others how to formulate, control and manage colors correctly.


Beyond the office, Daniel has a passion for photography and told us that one of the most important colors he had to choose was the color of the background for his family photoshoot.  He brings all his heart to the world of color, be it system installation, consulting or personal photographs.


Industry trends and advice


What is the latest buzzword in almost any industry lately? You guessed it: digitization.


Although it’s a buzzword now, since 1970, Datacolor has been working on transforming color control from a visual-based process with a lot of room for error to a more precise, digital one. Daniel joined in late 1987 and he’s been working with different industries, companies and applications ever since.


What are some trends he’s seeing in the industries he’s working with?


“Color communication and lifecycle management is now the key to success. More and more companies recognize that. Big data collection, analysis and sharing via web-based platforms will became popular or even a must for supply chains. I would think the requirements will also get tighter.”


quote from Daniel Liao, technical manager asp at Datacolor

How does color play a role in these trends?


“Color is the first thing that buyers see. It attracts attention and makes brands stand out. A major part of success depends on color.”


“Even though digital color communication became an important piece in product development for many market players, a percentage of goods can still not be measured digitally due to print complexity, reflection, textures and so on. Datacolor now has solution for these kinds of “unmeasurable” items. (You can learn more about this solution, SpectraVision, here).


What’s the best advice Daniel has gotten about working with color?


“Perception of color happens every second, at any time during the day. Color is everywhere and understanding it is the key to success. Start with color theory and see how to apply it to your goals.”