Über 10.000 Markenunternehmen vertrauen Datacolor für Ihre Farbmanagement-Herausforderungen, weil wir verstehen, dass Details eine wichtige Rolle spielen, Farbe entscheidend und Vertrauen unverzichtbar ist. Datacolor liefert Farbmesslösungen an führende Hersteller, Designer und Einzelhändler, wie:


Nike, Hugo Boss, Triumph, Victoria Secret, Timberland, Escada, Burberry, Marc O’Polo, Walmart, Audi, BMW, BASF, Jotun, PPG, Caparol, Brillux und viele mehr.


Lesen Sie in unseren Case Studies, wie Datacolor diverse Unternehmen beim Farbmanagement mit einzigartigen Messgeräten und Software-Lösungen unterstützt.


Teile deinen Erfolg mit der Welt und lerne, wie du Teil der Gemeinschaft werden kannst.


Hesse Lignal

Hesse Lignal, ein führender Hersteller von Lacken und Beizen, und Datacolor haben ein einzigartiges Farbmischsystem für farbige Holzbeizen und -lacke entwickelt. Dank der Farbformulierungssoftware von Datacolor spart Hesse Lignal Zeit, Kosten und Ressourcen, die für die Entwicklung von Farbbeizen und -lacke benötigt werden. Hesse Lignal und Datacolor haben herausragende Farbmesstechnik mit Farbwissen und Produktionskompetenz kombiniert und so die genaueste und effizienteste Farbrezepturlösung für farbige Holzbeizen und Lasuren auf verschiedenen Holzarten entwickelt.


Neben professionellen Farbmessgeräten für die Formulierung verschiedener Farbtöne bietet Hesse Lignal auch den ColorReaderPro von Datacolor an, der Designern und Handwerkern hilft, schnell, einfach und kostengünstig nach Farben zu suchen.


Hugo Boss

Trendsetter in der digitalen Farbbeurteilung für Mix & Match Anzüge

Das Mix & Match Baukastensystem von HUGO BOSS heißt ‚Create your Look‘. Mit ‚Create your Look‘ können verschiedene Passformen und Styles sowie unterschiedliche Größen kombiniert werden, ohne Kompromisse bei der Passform und der Qualität einzugehen. Die besondere Herausforderung bei den Mix & Match Looks ist, dass jeder Ballen in Bezug auf die Qualität und Farbe exakt zu allen anderen Ballen passen muss. Lesen Sie wie Hugo Boss Farben genauer abstimmt dank digitalen Farbqualitätsmanagements.


Jotun Group

Jotun Group Partners with Datacolor® for Fast and Accurate Color Formulation

Datacolor®, a global leader in color management solutions and color communication technology, was awarded to provide color matching solution to Jotun’s all 38 production facilities worldwide. For color professionals in paints, pigments and plastics, Datacolor’s Match Pigment software offers superior first-shot matches with powerful tools to optimize the cost and quality of recipes.



AUDI uses Datacolor’s portable 45G CT

For users like automobile manufacturer Audi, it is vital that visual deviations are detected before they affect the production quality. Especially for automotive interiors, where individual parts often have different surfaces, the overall visual effect should still be harmonious. The different measurements should define the visual impression of the color, gloss level and effect of the surface texture. Therefore, Audi needs a hand-held measuring device equipped with analysis software for evaluating the measurement results.



Benecke-Kaliko and Datacolor collaborate to support Volkswagen in guaranteeing design quality, while saving cost and time

One of the key tangible aspects of a car brand image lies in its external and interior appearance, that is a combination between color, gloss and texture. This explains why leading global automobile manufacturers invest so much in ensuring high quality design and color harmony, both critically important in the car purchase decision process. Datacolor is continuously looking to optimize color harmony, while helping reduce production time and therefore save costs. The 45G reference-grade handheld spectrophotometers, for instance, of which Benecke-Kaliko bought 6 units recently, was especially developed to improve the QA process in automotive interior applications.



Walmart and Datacolor Partner To Install Eight Spectrophotometers, Accompanying Software And Two Color-Comparison Applications, All From Datacolor International, Lawrenceville, N.J

Walmart chose Datacolor’s color matching technology to streamline color selection of lab dips by manufacturers or suppliers to a specific color ordered by designers. Wal-Mart introduced the system to it’s suppliers many of whom have begun using this equipment to communicate color specifications with Wal-Mart. Datacolor’s technology resulted in time and cost savings allowing Walmart to respond to market demands more efficiently.



Leading Thai-based Plastics Producer Chooses Datacolor MATCH-PIGMENT & Datacolor 650

Pioneer chose color matching software Datacolor MATCH-PIGMENT® (designed specifically for plastics industry) and combined it with the Datacolor 650® for achieving accurate automated color recipe creation for plastics products (transparent, translucent coatings and transparent to opaque plastic color selection). Datacolor MATCH-PIGMENT software accommodates virtually all of the variables that can impact color formulation, including film thickness, opacity and pigment loading. It also allows for additional ingredients and multiple combinations for easy batch correction. Users can match, correct, and scale formulas as well as perform search and evaluation functions from one screen.



Datacolor and BMW Work On Digital Color Development For Car-Interior Master Samples

“Digital Color Development” is a partnership between Datacolor and BMW for reducing the development time of matching colors to create master samples using innovative color communication technology allowing car manufacturers to select the right car-interior color. Digital color development opens up entirely new perspectives for coordination of the colors of different materials within the supply chains of automotive manufacturers. Attractiveness of exterior and the interior color design are precisely matched. Materials such as plastics, leather, textiles, painted surfaces form a perfect harmony of colors. This must be accomplished under varying lighting conditions and from any viewing angle, regardless of the different textures and finishes (matte, glossy, embossed, etc). By implementing the ENVISION technology using standard quality control software TOOLS 2.0, each partner in the supply chain can assess the digital color samples.



The Limited Adopts Color Measurement From Datacolor As It’s Color Standard

The Limited chose Datacolor for a standardized color system allowing faster reaction to fashion trends on orders nearing the production phase and providing suppliers with measurement instruments for determining whether colors meet specifications.


Hesse Lignal

Datacolor and Hesse-Lignal Have Developed A Unique Color Mixing System For Colored Wood Stains And Varnishes

Architects, interior designers and furniture designers are increasingly using color and the natural appearance of woods in combination with other materials. For Hesse-Lignal, a leading manufacturer of wood coatings, the color formulation software Datacolor MATCH™ AFX reduces time, cost and resources needed for the development of color stains and varnishes. Hesse-Lignal and Datacolor have combined outstanding color measurement technology with color science and production expertise, thus developing the most exact and efficient color formulation solution for colored wood stains and glazes on various wood types.



Bezema Laboratory Services Utilize State-Of-The-Art Laboratory Dyeing Technology From Datacolor®

Bezema develops and produces textile dyes, auxiliaries for all areas of textile finishing, textile care, construction chemicals and performance chemicals. The company tested the new AHIBA® IR PRO laboratory dyer and utilized state-of-the-art laboratory dyeing technology from Datacolor.



JC Penney

JCPenney Partners With Datacolor To Cut Costs, Perfect Color Matching Across Textile Lines

JCPenney manufactures home décor and accessories that require color coordination ensuring color is consistent across multiple runs of a product and entire product lines. Datacolor pioneered the Datacolor Measurement Doughnut for 3D textile color measurement of pile and other 3D fabrics such as terry towels. Natific, a company specializing in factory capability assessments and production monitoring for color accuracy and precision, tested the methodology and consistency of results. It certified the program.