I am going on my 25th year working at Datacolor currently as a Global Key Account Manager who directs the activities of four key account managers based in the US, Europe, China, and Hong Kong. Our team manages Datacolor’s relationships with global retail/apparel accounts with a goal of expanding our presence in their supply chains. We do this by providing technical support, assisting with development of color management procedures, participating in supplier summits, and sharing the latest trends in digital color management. I love how Datacolor gives me the opportunity to solve problems for customers. It’s so fulfilling to see our customers really “get it” and see the benefits of our products when I have successfully guided them through implementation of a digital color management program. I believe working at Datacolor has shown me the importance of taking responsibility for maintaining strong customer relationships and in being responsive to anyone who reaches out to me for assistance, either externally or internally. That takes the form of the saying “I am Datacolor” in every conversation with a customer. So if they have a problem, the response is “I will get on it and get back to you” and then following through rather than just hiding from a difficult situation or assuming that someone else will take care of it. I have learned that people appreciate a timely response, and I chuckle when I get emails that say “Thank you for the quick response!”, so obviously, it is not standard practice. If someone thought enough of me to ask a question, then I should think enough of them to not delay my response without a good reason.

Christopher Salandra



“Within this past summer, I have gained experience and grown in several ways I could not have imagined possible. I’ve developed my thinking and problem-solving skills through the several projects we were assigned. Also, I’ve learned how to approach certain situations and how to address them depending on the audience and circumstances.”





Erin Chuba



“My internship at Datacolor allowed me to gain an understanding of what it’s like to work in industry and to develop a better understanding of what type of career I would like to pursue moving forward. It also taught me how different industry is from academics, how to adjust to a full-time work schedule and how to work collaboratively.”






Charles Carretti



“I’ve learned here that there is always something to work on, and although projects may take a considerable amount of back-and-forth feedback to reach completion, that process and ultimate satisfaction of a completed design is worth it. I’ve also learned arguably more about marketing as a science and gained more software knowledge during my time in the office than I have in some of the courses I’ve taken at my university. Also, because of my work this summer I’ve already been offered to work on another project during my next semester, so I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again. Datacolor is just a great company.”



Matthew McKay

Human Resources 


“It was also an interesting learning experience for me personally when I was working on the employee engagement surveys because I got to see how the employees really felt about working at Datacolor. I learned that the employee engagement survey allows the employees the opportunity to voice their opinion and show that they really care about the company.”






Sumandeep Dhaliwal

Corporate Finance


“I learned about many different software tools within two months and also became a Pro in excel. The second interesting fact is distinguishing between academic knowledge and real-world experience. The books are based on assumption, they provide a lot of information, however, the real world seems different from them. The experience at Datacolor helped me develop skills professionally and socially which are long lasting too.”






Justin Carlton



“For as long as I can remember I have always dreamt of being an engineer when I grow up. This internship has provided me the platform to kickstart my lifelong goal. I am looking forward to every opportunity that arises in my future. One of the most interesting things that I learned about Datacolor is that the first solution is not always the best solution. Even though everyone may be thinking the same about how to solve a problem there may be other alternatives that are more effective, efficient, creative and ultimately disruptive to the market.”

I am the Director of Research here at Datacolor. In that role I mentor four scientists in the creation and implementation of new color-measurement and color image-processing technologies. I also manage patent creation and patent-context awareness at Datacolor, attend conferences, write research articles and op ed pieces, and participate in standards-bodies activities on behalf of Datacolor. I’ve known about Datacolor since its era under the name Applied Color Systems, but I didn’t join the team until 2003. People at Datacolor were always engaged, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and friendly. The company had a substantial reputation in the color-matching community, and generated high-quality products. My favorite aspect about working here is cooperating with others to perfect ideas that will be useful in the marketplace. My favorite part of managing others is to engage in productive dialogue that improves the technical excellence of our work. In my 14 years at Datacolor, I have learned to trust the people who work for me and let them make their own way, but to also keep track of the larger context of teams working across functions in the company.

Kate Edwards

I am currently a research scientist at Datacolor where I’ve been for the last 6 months. My job entails looking for ways to improve new and developmental products to better measure color. I also do testing, data collection and analysis, technical report writing, and presenting results. I was attracted to Datacolor because of its technical challenge of color, which was new to me. The job also allowed me to use specific software language which I had expertise in, plus I liked how the company was in a good financial situation. My favorite aspect of working here is the challenge of the work. We are doing high-level technical research on color here and there is a lot to learn. On the technical side, I have learned so much about color science since I started working here which has been fun. However, as a person, I have improved my resourcefulness in getting the knowledge I need to do my job such as figuring out who knows a topic and is helpful, and what are good information sources (books, journals, websites) for color learning.