Firat Bagdu

Vibrant colors, distinct lines, playful elements and an unmistakable sense for the moment passing by – these basic elements characterize Firat Bagdu’s unique photographic art.


Firat Bagdu was born in 1973, lives and works in Cologne and discovered his interest in photography at a young age, focusing on under water photography, architecture and people. His hobby quickly turned into passion, passion turned into profession and he soon owned professional equipment and a studio.

Not before long and Firat Bagdu became a well-known portrait and wedding photographer. This talented newcomer’s reputation quickly made it far beyond the city limits of Cologne and the first job offers from other parts of Germany started rushing in. Today, Firat Bagdu stands for high-quality and creative photographic art throughout Europe.


Bagdu’s distinct style is due to his unique composition of color, light and form. Much more important, however, is his attention to detail one can clearly spot in each of his photos. „An inspiration can be completely trivial, like for example the perfect combination of colors. Oftentimes I don’t find my inspiration in optical aspects, but rather in smells, sounds and the moods closely linked to these. The art of photography consists of capturing these moods and moments.“ Firat knows how to capture special moments with his camera. His compositions are sometimes clearly structured, sometimes serious, sometimes playful – most of all, they are always innovative and proof of his great creativity and technical knowledge.


His photographic art is not only well received by his customers, but also by the press. Amongst others, the prestigious photo magazine „PhotoPresse“ published Bagdu’s impressive portrait of a young African woman that won a German photographic competition.



  • “Best Wedding Photo Of The Year 2012” – First Place Germany (by PhotoPresse)
  • ”Worlds Best Wedding Photography Award” 2012, USA, Fearless Photographers
  • ”Excellent Photography 2012/2013″, Germany, BPP
  • ”Portrait & Emotion” 2011 Second Place, CEWE & PhotoPresse
  • FSO Winner 2011, First place in the Category “Life Photo”, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Coverphoto of the year, third place 2010, Germany (PhotoPresse)
  • Coverphoto edition 05 PhotoPresse