How Data Analytics Can Improve Sourcing and Production Decisions

As textile and apparel brands increasingly rely on mills scattered across the globe to execute color decisions with precision and speed, real-time data is the most reliable driver of success across the supply chain. Without data analytics, lab samples (and people) must traverse continents to identify color issues in a time-intensive and budget-busting cycle that threatens the production schedule, creates unnecessary waste, and drives up the cost of goods.



Bringing Color Data to the Cloud


We can’t control what we can’t see. So how can we ensure suppliers across the world get the color right? Enter ColorHub, a web-based software solution that provides an unprecedented view of suppliers’ performance in real time. By simplifying the process of analyzing big data, ColorHub is a digital tool that streamlines collaboration and helps brands make informed business decisions.



Through its cloud-based depository of lab dip and production color data, ColorHub enables brands to identify color inconsistencies in real time and activate corrections immediately—from anywhere any time. Every mill’s performance is captured , allowing brands and retailers to strategically place orders with mills that have demonstrated success in achieving a defined color palette.



Color and the Time-Cost Continuum


With skyrocketing costs and immense pressure to shorten speed-to-market, color problems only exacerbate an already-strained system. ColorHub enables cost-savings by cutting thousands of dollars in sampling waste and shipping fees, while eliminating unattainable color and fabric combinations. When cost-saving measures are driven by data analytics, brands can confidently redirect resources to a color palate that works.


A recent McKinsey report on the State of Fashion noted 80% of survey respondents have worked on or are currently working on improving speed-to-market. ColorHub allows mills to optimizes production efficiency, eliminating precious weeks in the development timeline. When a brand doesn’t have time to scope a new trend color, ColorHub provides historical data that allows decision-makers to determine which mills have a track record of providing certain colors successfully. This opens the door for extending that color for another season, or even a year, to keep pace with speed-to-market demands.




Streamlining Color Requires Coordination


ColorHub offers the ability to validate production quality at every stage of manufacturing, following the life cycle of each shade from the first bulk measurement to the last. In many cases, multiple mills are working with the same color standard, producing individual fabrications that must come together as a single piece or coordinated set. Whether its top-and-bottom sets in a kids’ clothing shop or sheets and bedding in the home décor aisle, color consistency matters. The power of ColorHub’s data analytics extends across multiple mills simultaneously, so each piece of the color puzzle fits together seamlessly.



Supplier View: How does ColorHub Help Mills?


We know ColorHub gives brands the flexibility and confidence to select a mill with a proven track record of success, while ensuring shade control throughout the production process. It also supports color cohesiveness across multi-component garments and coordinated sets. How can suppliers benefit from ColorHub’s data-driven solutions? Mills can identify problematic colors early in the production cycle and work quickly to reformulate a color or select an alternative. All of this saves time and money. And, it boost’s a mill’s ability to attract and retain clients.



Data Analytics from Concept to Shelf


We know apparel production doesn’t happen in a single office, country, or even continent. And we know each of us interprets color in our own unique way. Traveling to a different continent to evaluate a color mid-production is fraught with myriad challenges from a time and budget perspective. ColorHub removes the guesswork and delivers accurate real-time data that inspires confidence and empowers partners to make informed decisions about color. The transparency afforded by ColorHub translates to fewer costly mistakes, greater efficiency and improved speed-to-market.


If you’re ready to bring advanced cloud-based data analytics to your color management process, our team is here to help you discover how ColorHub can improve your business.