Nicklas Walther – Questions for


Personal Bio: 24 years old, living at the foot of the Swabian Alb, Canon user.


When did you start your photography?

Everything started in 2007 with one of my father’s compact camera. After the fire of photography was lit within me, I got a SLR camera pretty soon. Over the past few years, I’ve been trying new things and expanding on both my technique and my photographic vision.


Is photography your hobby or your profession?

Photography used to be just a hobby for so many years. Meanwhile, I’m a part-time photographer and work hard on turning photography into my full-time job.



How and where was the image taken which you entered to the competition? Is there a story about it?

The image of the reading monk was taken in Laos. During a 6-month journey through South East Asia, I took nearly 80,000 photos. The monk shown in my picture lives in a temple in the very south of Laos, right on the Mekong River in the city of Pakse. During our four-day stay in the city, I visited the temple several times to talk to the young monks. It was exciting for both sides to learn more about the life of a stranger. Language was our only problem. The photo was taken as he thoughtfully looked up English vocabulary and sentences in his book.


Who and/or what inspires you most?

Foreign cultures and landscapes have always been a great inspiration for my work, but also other photographers are inspirational sources to me.


What’s your photographic focus?

For my clients, I photograph corporate images, i.e. interior as well as advertising. For the most part, hotels and restaurants are among my clients. For freelance projects, on the other hand, I love to travel to faraway countries and write reports about people, the countryside and nature. I also like artistic photography, for example using double exposures.


What’s your next photo project, your next challenge?

My biggest wish would be the publication of a photo book about Nepal. A country that has formed me during my trip. Currently I’m still thinking about how to finance this project.



Do you include color management in your photographic workflow?

Color management is an important part of my work. Before I started using Datacolor products, I always had problems, because my PC screen showed different colors than my laptop, which I use while traveling. Since I calibrate my displays regularly, there are no more problems. That saves me a lot of time and work.


What do you do with your photos? Do you print them, post them on your social media accounts or your website or do they simply stay on your hard drive?

It differs. I publish work from free projects on social media and on my website. My images are also used as wall decorations or for other purposes by my customers.


What’s your photographic goal? What do you dream of?

As already mentioned, a picture book about Nepal would be a goal, which I would like to reach.