The 2019 Oscars Red Carpet Was Full of Pink—Here’s What That Means for Retail

Where there’s a red carpet, conversations about color aren’t far behind. The 2019 Oscars were no exception, with one specific color seen again and again: pink.


It wasn’t just any pink, though. As Datacolor’s Todd Lee describes it:


The role of color on the Oscars red carpet


Along with Kelly Helfman, president of West Coast Women’s at Informa, Todd Lee spoke to Sourcing Journal’s Hattie Hayes about the impact this red carpet trend will have on the retail world.


“Last year at the Oscars, everyone wore black in response to the Time’s Up movement,” Lee said. “This year, you see this bright pink, and it’s a response to a movement of feminine power. It’s women taking ownership.”


He explained that brands ranging from fast-fashion to high-end names will likely start to debut products in a similar hue.


From award shows to fashion shows and everything in between, the power of color is undeniable. And as long as there are people making bold fashion choices, we will be here ready to analyze its significance—and of course help brands achieve the right color in the first place.


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