Datacolor Spyder5 Calibrator Review
Published May 8, 2015
Jackie DiBenedetto


Recently I had the chance to use Datacolor’s new Spyder®5PRO calibrator. For those of you new to the world of professional photography, calibrating, in relation to digital photography, is making sure that the colors you’re seeing on your monitor are as true to their natural color as possible. When you view a photo on various digital screens, you may notice that there are some disparities in the colors. This is because monitors display colors differently and typically don’t come pre-calibrated. Their colors often shift over time and because it happens so gradually, the off-coloring tends to go unnoticed for a while. When computers are properly calibrated, your images should appear the same on various viewing platforms. (Keep in mind that if the other devices are not calibrated, the images might still look off-colored. However, the calibrated version is the standard that all screens ideally should be set to.) Calibrating is also particularly helpful when printing images, especially when it’s done through an outside provider. Most printer manufacturers expect that the images they receive are in sRGB (standard Red Green Blue) format. Often photographers need to print and re-edit their photos multiple times to get the accurate color display in print. If your computer is properly calibrated to sRGB, you will likely receive printed photos that match the colors on your screen right away, saving you time and wasting less ink and paper.


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