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How To Love Each Step Of The Photographic Process

With Valentine’s Day this month, we often think of love in terms of romance. But love takes many forms, including passion for one’s craft – like photography. Friends with Vision member, Olivia Bossert, talks about the various phases of the photographic process, and how to love each and every step of it along the way. […]

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Questions for Olga Zeeb

Olga Zeeb, 3rd place winner in our #BringingColorIntoYourLife photo competition for autumn 2020, talks about how she became interested in photography and what fascinates her about animal photography in particular. […]

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Questions for Hans Wichmann

Hans Wichmann, participant in the #BringingColorIntoYourLife photo competition in autumn of 2020 and 1st place winner, talks about how he came to photography and what fascinates him about it. […]

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The Alps – A high mountain range in the process of change

Lorenz Andreas Fischer recently published his book entitled "Alps - A High Mountain Range in the process of change"(German title: „Alpen – Ein Hochgebirge im Wandel“), which contains not only photos, but also scientific information. We asked our Friend with Vision to give us an insight into his work on this great book and offer you a preview in pictures.[…]

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