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Arkansas Wildlife: Is What You See – What You Get?

Is What You See – What You Get? Arkansas Wildlife Published January 2016 By Mike Wintroath It happens all the time – photo prints don’t measure up to the bright colors and crisp tones the images had when they were on a computer monitor. Sometimes they turn out darker or lighter, or maybe the color […]

Los Angeles Times – Father’s Day Photography Gift List 2015

Los Angeles Times Published June 2015 By Robert Lachman It’s probably no surprise that there are so many great photography gift ideas for Father’s Day. The technology keeps improving so dramatically each year, making most of your gear obsolete, so there continues to be plenty of great options for the special dad in your life. […]

Professional Photographer: Precision Calibration – Spyder5ELITE

Professional Photographer Published June 2015 By Stan Sholik Color management is essential throughout the workflow for both still and video production. The process begins with a color-managed monitor; although these days it’s likely to be multiple monitors and separate workstations for still and video work, with all studio monitors color managed to the same standard. […]

Popular Photography: Datacolor updates its Spyder line of calibration tools

Photographers who don’t print may never think about the accuracy of their computer screens. But anyone who wants to ensure their photos look the way they should in print or on other devices must calibrate their monitor.

CNET: When you look up ‘match my monitor colors,’ Datacolor wants to be the top result

While Datacolor has updated its Spyder5 hardware with some notable changes, the real push for the update is to spread the gospel of calibration to a surprisingly uninitiated crowd. According to the company, its research showed that 80-plus percent of hobbyists and prosumers did not know about calibration solutions.

PetaPixel: Datacolor Launches Spyder5: Next Gen Devices for Perfecting Your Monitor’s Color

Color management company Datacolor has just announced Spyder5, a new line of devices for making sure the color seen on your monitors is accurate to ensure that your photos look the same across screens and match your prints.

Photo District News: Datacolor Spins Out Newest Spyder Monitor Calibrators

Datacolor has revamped its Spyder series of monitor calibration tools. According to Datacolor, the new Spyder5 series offers a redesigned optical engine that delivers up to a 55 percent improvement in tonal response at low luminance levels compared to the prior model.

Digital Photo: Datacolor Releases Spyder5

A picture is more than a photograph – it contains a photographer’s emotional connection with the scene they’re shooting. It’s critical that a photographer’s computer monitor displays accurate color, so they can see, share and print their captured moments just as they intended them,” said Heath Barber, Imaging Market Manager, Datacolor. “Spyder5 is an important tool for all photographers. Spyder5 calibrates a computer monitor to industry color reference standard so an image’s true color, with accurate shadow and highlight detail is displayed. Seeing accurate color makes photo editing easier and faster and provides better print matching so less ink and paper are wasted. Spyder5 saves photographers time and energy so they can spend more time doing what they love doing – taking photographs.

Digital Photo Pro: Datacolor Releases Spyder5

Datacolor Spyder5 is the color accuracy solution designed by photographers for photographers, to help them see, share and print their images, just as they intended. The 3 versions of Spyder5 – EXPRESS, PRO and ELITE – reduce the hassle of figuring out why digital photographs look different on screen, and why the colors on screen don’t match photo prints. All Spyder5 product versions adjust, or calibrate, monitors to an industry color reference standard so colors are accurate and shadow and highlight details are preserved. With true screen color, photographers can more accurately edit their photos and achieve better print matching.