What are people saying about Datacolor’s color management and color calibration solutions?




“The first thing I noticed about the new Spyder5 was its very clever hardware design. The counterweight used to balance the device on a monitor now doubles as a snap-on cap – making it easy to pack the Spyder up for travel. As usual, the software was easy to install, activate, and run. For those who want to use the most common settings, profiling a monitor is a simple matter of following the on-screen directions and clicking through the sequence of screens. For more sophisticated users, there are plenty of ways to customize for different lighting conditions, personal preferences, or even color casts in your studio. In my case I used the StudioMatch tool to help make the three monitors I use for photo editing (a dual-monitor PC and a Wacom Cintiq Companion) match each other as closely as possible (the Cintiq has a smaller gamut, so the three will never look exactly identical). For operations I don’t use often, I also like the integrated online help, which is always right on the screen as you work with the Spyder5. The resulting profiles were also better than ever, and in most cases actually provided a larger color gamut than with previous versions.”


David Cardinal






“What a delight it is to use and calibrate all of my displays with the new Spyder5ELITE! It took me just minutes to calibrate three monitors.

This newly designed calibration tool has such a small foot print for the self-enclosed color sensor. It takes up very little space which makes it very easy to travel with. The Spyder5 lives in a small, durable 4×4″ two piece box that will keep it safe for quite a while. All of photography should be this easy!”


Ken Sklute

Datacolor Expert • Canon Explorer of Light • Delkin Image Maker





“Does a chef blindly grab and toss spices into a meal? When retouching without a properly calibrated monitor, you are attempting to perfect your images blind. The Spyder5ELITE is essential to my workflow. It ensures that the thousands of hours I spend in Photoshop are not wasted due to my monitor displaying the wrong information. It has the versatility to calibrate all my viewing devices (Studio TV, etc) and also makes sure that the vivid color I achieve through retouching in a calibrated environment is displayed brilliantly. This innovative device is slick in design, incredibly easy to use, and very fast. Simply press a few buttons, grab a coffee, and it’s done. An essential tool for all image creators.”


Catherine Hall

Professional Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer



Calibration Testimonials


“I just received a copy of a magazine that I have a few illustrations in and the printed copy looks exactly like it did on my monitor. This is the first job I have done since calibrating with the Spyder5 and I was amazed. In the past I have always found that the printed piece varied from the intended art because of the switch from RGB on the monitor to CMYK for printing. These pieces were such a match you really can’t tell the difference. There was also a lot of orange in two of the pieces, which is notoriously hard to print/match, and even that looked just as intended. Amazing.

Thanks for a great product!”

Mandy T. – Spyder User


“Amazing how far a monitor can drift in a months’ time. Run the Spyder and observe the “Before”- “After” calibration and you’ll be sold…”

Dennis R. – Spyder User


“Best money you will ever spend!! It will pay for itself in no time from all the lost paper and ink when your monitor is not spot on. No I don’t work for them!! I just love the thing and what it does. I get a print of exactly what is on my screen every time.

Lynn M. – Spyder User