What are people saying about Datacolor’s color management and color calibration solutions?





In order to keep my photos color accurate, I use the SpyderX Display Calibration System to keep my monitor calibrated. Without this piece of equipment, I would not know whether my images were accurately retouched for color and brightness.




Jeff Cable

Professional Photographer & Educator
Saratoga, California




Crafting artful images with vision is essential to my workflow and business success. I spend hundreds of hours on my images in Photoshop and stand out from the masses by creating exquisite Epson Fine Art Prints. There is no room for error when it comes to display color accuracy. I must invest in the best to save time and resources through an accurate, trusted, consistent color workflow.


I felt quite elated when I got my hands on Datacolor’s Innovative SpyderX Series and here is why….


Intuitive – No learning curve. Simply plug and play and fall in love.


Speed- This calibration tool is so quick I no longer have the excuse to take a long snack break. With only 2 minutes of processing time; the days of killing time are over.


Value – With the SpyderX Pro coming in at only $169.99 there is no excuse not to have this essential workflow tool. For the price of three 16×20-inch professional lab fine art prints you can ensure your color is accurate.


Multiple Displays – Yes! The SpyderX Elite ensures that my multiple screen environment is fully calibrated taking out any guesswork.


Advanced Technology – Innovative lens-based color engine provides a higher level of color accuracy for multiple monitors. Advanced features with room-light monitoring, automatic profile changing and significantly more precise screen color, shadow detail and white balance. Now you can control every detail of your image with more optimum confidence.


Fun Before & After – not an essential feature, but always a pleasure to view the screen Before and After. Wow, what a difference. And instant feedback that it is ESSENTIAL to craft your imagery in an accurate color environment.


If you are a fellow photographer, look no further to ensure accurate color, save your priceless time, and produce precise, crafted images.



Catherine Hall – Catherine Hall Studios

Lifestyle, Wedding and Portrait Photographer
Lafayette, California





The SpyderX is really fast. My Spyder4 was 6:53 seconds for a full calibration and the SpyderX was only 2:14 seconds! It’s also really easy to use. My business of landscape workshops, e-books and prints depends on my images being right from a color management standpoint. Achieving my creative process starts with a calibrated monitor. I have not found anything faster or more accurate than the SpyderX and would recommend it to fellow photographers.


David Long

Landscape Photographer
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts





“The two most valuable attributes of any calibration system are accuracy and speed; and getting more of one at the expense of the other is never a good trade off. The SpyderX true lens technology helps on both fronts, providing a quick and trustworthy approach to monitor calibration.”
“With years of Spyder calibration under my belt, I’m thrilled that the latest SpyderX hardware and software make my photographic workflow more predictable than ever.”


Dan Burkholder

Photo Tech Author and Workshop Leader
Palenville, New York





“I am quite happy with how my monitor has been calibrated with SpyderX. The production houses that I’ve sent material off to aren’t hounding me to regrade footage, which is a huge plus! My monitors have stabilized and produce wonderful color, accurate to the scenes they’re depicting. It’s the best calibrator I’ve used that’s on the market right now.”


Drew Geraci – District 7 Media

Leading Time Lapse Photographer
Washington, DC





“The Spyder’s market-leading software has always been my first choice for dig-down-deep display evaluation due to its superior interface and evaluative tools. Now, with the increased speed of this new SpyderX, my work goes more quickly. I can hardly wait to recommend this device to corporate clients responsible for ensuring consistency across multiple displays; the increased speed and accuracy are sure to make their lives better as well.”


Kevin O’Connor

International Color Consultant
San Luis Obispo, CA





“Datacolor has always had leading edge color monitor calibration tools. The New Datacolor SpyderX Elite is a ground-breaking leap ahead. The speed and accuracy is amazing.”
“The speed of the new SpyderX Elite with the new lens technology is amazingly fast. No need to take a little break while your screen calibration is running. The new colorimeter system is so accurate that gone is the need to run screen calibration multiple times to stabilize the monitor settings. A single calibration is all that is needed for accurate stable color.”


Janice Wendt

Image Editing Expert and Instructor
San Francisco, CA





“The Blame Game Is Over! Before, I found myself blaming labs, output centers and agencies for bad color reproduction. The rude awaking was in finding out the lack of color accuracy was on my end. SpyderX has taken the guesswork out of the equation, especially when balancing shadow details and constraining the highlights. As a celebrity photographer, I find accuracy to be one of the biggest components for success in this business. My clients expect it as well as the art directors, managers and agents alike. SpyderX allows me to present consistently accurate work to my clients from start to finish and has also trained my eye in identifying what accurate color is, through the easy-to-follow diagnostic testing on all of my monitors. The beauty is, I don’t need to know all of the science behind SpyderX, I let the experts do that. All I need to know is I can trust that what I see on my monitor is what my clients will receive as accurate print-ready files.”


Hernan Rodriquez

Award Winning International Commercial and Portrait Photographer
Los Angeles, California





“The SpyderX monitor calibrator is the easiest and most efficient method to gain true accuracy and control over the color, contrast, and brightness of my computer screens (both desktop and laptop). In just a few minutes, I was able to easily download the software and follow the on-screen step-by-step directions without any difficulty. The software guided me through without any uncertainties on my part. This was especially helpful because in the past I have wondered if I was correctly calibrating and often had to search online to make sure I was doing it properly. However, calibrating with the SypderX has made me confident that I am visually seeing the correct colors on my screens without any “googling” necessary. This is essential to me as a professional photographer that is known for my use of color. After the calibrating, it was amazing to see the before and after difference in my images!
I’m not a technology “gearhead” when it comes to my photography equipment, but I absolutely recognize the value and importance of maintaining accurate color in my images. It’s an important step in editing workflow. For this reason, I have trusted Datacolor products (the Spyder4 and Spyder5) for many years. I am also very busy running my family photography business and my household, so balancing my time is essential. The calibration took less than two minutes, so there is no need to skip this essential part of my photography workflow. The software even allows me to set reminders to calibrate on a consistent basis!
The SpyderX has truly met my needs for being easy to use, incredibly fast, and reliable. I can confidently say that the SpyderX is the best tool I have used for accurate monitor color.”


Missy Mayo

Family, Child, Senior Portrait Photographer
Flower Mound, Texas





“After installing the SpyderX and doing a first calibration, my first impression was that the SpyderX is incredibly fast … extremely fast. In comparison with my reference print and the grey card in the light booth, to me the picture seems even more balanced and neutral in color.”

Martin Koswig

Photography/Industry Support/Seminars
Germany, Freiburg





“The very sophisticated and almost self-explanatory software guide helps the user easily and safely walk-through the first settings. Then the actual process begins, which is extremely fast and safe. The usual coffee break between the start and completion of the calibration is thus obsolete and working on the computer is fast and thus productive.”

Sascha Hüttenhain

Fotograf, Friends with Vision Mitglied
Germany, Siegen





“Impressively fast, much more precise and even easier to use – the term “Elite” is perfectly appropriate here!”

Pavel Kaplun

Photo | Video | Art, Friends with Vision Mitglied
Germany, Hannover





“I genuinely couldn’t believe how fast the process was. Ultimately I have a lot more confidence in using this product. What is key for me is the speed in which it works… I want it done, and done right first time. We spend so much time and money on gear and getting to locations and then run the risk of spoiling the final vision by relying on factory settings… I’d definitely recommend it.”

Dave Fieldhouse

Photographer, Friends with Vision Member





“It’s the most accurate product on the market at the minute. I’m delighted to be working with it.”

Holly McGlynn

Fashion Photographer, Friends with Vision Member
UK, London





“With improved performance and speed, the Spyder X makes for an obvious choice for either those new to screen calibration or professionals looking to get the best from their images with the fastest workflow possible.”

Richard Peters

Wildlife Photographer, Friends with Vision Member





“The first thing I noticed about the new Spyder5 was its very clever hardware design. The counterweight used to balance the device on a monitor now doubles as a snap-on cap – making it easy to pack the Spyder up for travel. As usual, the software was easy to install, activate, and run. For those who want to use the most common settings, profiling a monitor is a simple matter of following the on-screen directions and clicking through the sequence of screens. For more sophisticated users, there are plenty of ways to customize for different lighting conditions, personal preferences, or even color casts in your studio. In my case I used the StudioMatch tool to help make the three monitors I use for photo editing (a dual-monitor PC and a Wacom Cintiq Companion) match each other as closely as possible (the Cintiq has a smaller gamut, so the three will never look exactly identical). For operations I don’t use often, I also like the integrated online help, which is always right on the screen as you work with the Spyder5. The resulting profiles were also better than ever, and in most cases actually provided a larger color gamut than with previous versions.”


David Cardinal






“What a delight it is to use and calibrate all of my displays with the new Spyder5ELITE! It took me just minutes to calibrate three monitors.

This newly designed calibration tool has such a small foot print for the self-enclosed color sensor. It takes up very little space which makes it very easy to travel with. The Spyder5 lives in a small, durable 4×4″ two piece box that will keep it safe for quite a while. All of photography should be this easy!”


Ken Sklute

Datacolor Expert • Canon Explorer of Light • Delkin Image Maker





“Does a chef blindly grab and toss spices into a meal? When retouching without a properly calibrated monitor, you are attempting to perfect your images blind. The Spyder5ELITE is essential to my workflow. It ensures that the thousands of hours I spend in Photoshop are not wasted due to my monitor displaying the wrong information. It has the versatility to calibrate all my viewing devices (Studio TV, etc) and also makes sure that the vivid color I achieve through retouching in a calibrated environment is displayed brilliantly. This innovative device is slick in design, incredibly easy to use, and very fast. Simply press a few buttons, grab a coffee, and it’s done. An essential tool for all image creators.”


Catherine Hall

Professional Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer



Calibration Testimonials


“I just received a copy of a magazine that I have a few illustrations in and the printed copy looks exactly like it did on my monitor. This is the first job I have done since calibrating with the Spyder5 and I was amazed. In the past I have always found that the printed piece varied from the intended art because of the switch from RGB on the monitor to CMYK for printing. These pieces were such a match you really can’t tell the difference. There was also a lot of orange in two of the pieces, which is notoriously hard to print/match, and even that looked just as intended. Amazing.

Thanks for a great product!”

Mandy T. – Spyder User


“Amazing how far a monitor can drift in a months’ time. Run the Spyder and observe the “Before”- “After” calibration and you’ll be sold…”

Dennis R. – Spyder User


“Best money you will ever spend!! It will pay for itself in no time from all the lost paper and ink when your monitor is not spot on. No I don’t work for them!! I just love the thing and what it does. I get a print of exactly what is on my screen every time.

Lynn M. – Spyder User