How to calibrate a front projector


Front projectors are physically limited in some disciplines, like color gamut and contrast. To get neutral grays and best possible details in shadows and highlights, you need to profile your front projector as good as you did with your monitor. But there is something special calibrating a front projector.


Some general points need to be mentioned first:



  • Perform the front projector calibration in an entirely dark room.
    Keep in mind that black on your projector’s screen is only as dark as the walls beside or around your screen.
  • A tripod to mount the Spyder5ELITE is required.
    The Spyder5 sensor has a tripod mount included in its housing. It is the same size your camera has on its bottom, so any camera tripod will work.



Now you can start with the calibration:



  • Launch the Spyder5ELITE or even the Spyder5ELITE+ software and select “Projector” via the “Display Type” menu.
  • In the Calibration Settings window select Gamma 2.2, native White Point (Do Not Adjust – Recommended) and for the Brightness also “Do Not Adjust – Recommended”.
    Alternatively you can also select a White Point of 6500 Kelvin, but be aware that this will reduce your front projector’s brightness, because one or two color channels will be clipped after the white point correction.
  • In the “Advanced Settings” select the Gray Balance Calibration “Off – Recommended”, which is required for front projectors that uses the DLP technology. On front projectors that using a different technology you can also select the option “Faster”.
  • Mount your Spyder5ELITE at your tripod and place the sensor at a distance of 30 cm / 12 inches in front of the screen. The senor’s honeycomb filter has to face towards the screen. The Spyder5ELITE software compensates the shadow the Spyder5ELITE create now on the screen.
  • Keep your room pitch dark during the calibration process to get the best results.