DIY Photography: Hands on Datacolor Spyder5ELITE Review

DIY Photography: Hands on Datacolor Spyder5ELITE Review
By: JP Danko


The Datacolor Spyder is a line of monitor calibration tools used to make sure that the colors you see on an electronic display are as close as possible to their true color.


The Spyder has a built in colorimeter that accurately measures the color, brightness, white point and tone response of your display during calibration. The calibration software then takes the responses it receives from the sensor to create a display “profile” that automatically corrects for any variations from the desired output. This “profile” is loaded every time you start your computer so you are always looking at a color corrected screen.


The Spyder5 is the next generation of Datacolor’s flagship monitor calibration device. Three models of the Spyder5 have been released: Spyder5EXPRESS, Spyder5PRO, and Spyder5ELITE.



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