Spring is just around the corner with its beauty of renewal and awakened color. You can capture it all with SpyderX products and accessories. Now’s the perfect time to upgrade your photo equipment toolbox – we’re welcoming the spring season with exciting SpyderX promotions that include great savings plus the inclusion of one free photo accessory!


Valid: 16.03. – 18.04.2022
* EU Only



SpyderX – for photographers, designers and motion image makers


SpyderX Pro
​For serious photographers and designers who want a fast, precise and easy-to-use monitor calibrator that helps achieve their creative vision.

Sales Offer: £ 99
Value: £ 159


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SpyderX Elite
​For Expert and professional photographers and motion image makers looking for the most comprehensive monitor calibration tool for maximum control of their color workflow.

Sales Offer: £ 189
Value: £ 239


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SpyderX Mobile Pro Kit​
Portable, take-it-with-you-everywhere photo tools organized in a convenient, cost-effective offering for taking and editing flawless photographs. Ensure your images are color-accurate and consistent, with crisp, defined details along with the flexibility for enhanced creative capabilities while on-the-go.

Sales Offer: £ 139
Value: £ 239


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Spyder Checkr 24​
Mit 24 Standardfarbfeldern. Steigern Sie Ihre Effizienz und sorgen Sie für präzise Farben durch Farbkorrektur Ihrer Bilddateien bei Verwendung einer oder mehrerer Kameras. Erstellen Sie mit der Kalibrierungssoftware des Spyder Checkr HSL-Presets und erzielen Sie so deutlich konsistentere, präzisere Farben in Ihrer Bildbearbeitung in Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop und Hasselblad Phocus. Der Spyder Checkr kann auch zur automatischen Farbkorrektur in DaVinci Resolve integriert werden.

Sales Offer: £ 29.99
Value: £ 44.99


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Digital color matching with just a click ‒ The ColorReader Family

Color inspiration can be found in unanticipated moments and unexpected things. Be ready to capture it and easily take any project from “this” to “that.”


Scan Your Color

Find Your Paint Match

Get the Look You’ll Love



ColorReader EZ
Compact and easy to use, ColorReader EZ gives DIYers just what they need to execute projects with confidence and no stress.

Sales Offer: £ 39.99
Value: £ 59.99


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Streamline your workflow with ColorReader, a smart, portable color-measuring tool that provides precise color values and paint color matches.

Sales Offer: £ 79.99
Value: £ 99.99


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