The Secret To Taking Your Interior Design To The Next Level

 “Learn outside of your circle.”


That’s the motto of Vicente Wolf, Interior Design Hall of Fame member, member of Elle Décor’s A-List, NY Spaces Top 50 Designer, and one of House Beautiful magazine’s 10 most influential designers.



This motto has led him to study how food gets prepared and to practice his own knifing techniques—all in an effort to design better spaces. Gardening has the same effect. Vicente believes that spending time outside of your typical environment helps to improve your creativity.


Vicente was born in Cuba and is now a long-time New York City resident. Over the last 40 years he has designed nearly every kind of space imaginable and witnessed many changes to the kinds of tools designers can use to make their jobs easier.  For Vicente, his go-to tool has been the ColorReader.


Tune into Vicente Wolf’s podcast on The Chaise Lounge, a top Interior Designer podcast to hear his story and learn how the ColorReader has given this legendary designer more time to learn outside of his circle.