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Introducing ColorReaderPRO

Trying to Find the Perfect Paint Color for a Home Project?


Finding the perfect colour for your home or office is more important than you may think. The colour of the room defines the feeling of a space. It can make you feel energetic, cozy and comfortable, or even anxious. Everyone’s perception of colour is different, which is what makes decorating your personal space unique and even more fun.


Choosing a paint colour can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The Datacolor ColorReaderPRO makes it so much easier and allows you to spend less time searching for your ideal colour while also saving money. You can use it to determine the colour of a wall, match colours in different paint brands, or find inspiration from the colours of everyday objects.


After measuring a colour, the ColorReaderPRO will show you the nearest color in RAL or NCS color standards. Based on this information, most DIY markets including a colour mixing service will be able to utilise this information.




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Buy ColorReaderPRO for:



Painting roomMatch your colour to a different paint brand


You found the perfect paint colour, but your painter uses a different brand. ColorReaderPRO will find the closest match to the painters’ brand of choice.






Find the closest match for a previous colour used on your wall


You want to repaint the interior walls of your house the same colour as they are now, but you don’t have any of the original paint cans from the last time they were painted or you just bought the house. ColorReaderPRO will measure the paint colour on your wall and find you the closest match.



Read ColorFind colour inspiration from everyday objects and existing design elements


You want to base the colour scheme of a room on pillows that you’ve already bought. ColorReaderPRO measures the colour on the pillow, and helps to find the closest match or a palette of complementary colors.







Painting Baby RoomYour wife sends you on what you thought was mission impossible


Your about to welcome a new baby to the family and your wife assigns you with a project. She found furniture for the room that she loves, but wants to find the perfect paint colour to compliment the furniture and create a unified colour scheme. ColorReaderPRO saves the day. Measure the piece of furniture and use the app to find complimentary colours using your favorite paint brands. Problem solved. Happy wife, happy life.







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By Mark Kyrnin


Anyone serious about photography knows that accurate color is one of the key aspects of getting a good photo. If the display that one is using isn’t showing the proper color tones, an edited photo can result in a completely inaccurate print or display of the image taken. For this reason, serious photographers use color calibration devices to adjust their monitor to be properly balanced in color and brightness. Datacolor’s Spyder line of color calibrations have been around for years and their Spyder5 Pro is designed specifically with digital photography in mind. It provides a more sensitive calibration device and improved software to have multiple profiles depending upon your ambient light.



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If you want to get the most accurate colors, the most accurate exposure, and the most accurate prints that actually match what you’ve shot/edited, you need a calibration system. That’s precisely what the Spyder5STUDIO hardware and software package is meant to do.


With this, you are going to take a major step to treating your work and time as a professional would, and there’s no excuse not to, even if it’s not with this product, but it’s hard to think of a better value in the photograhy world. It gets our stamp of approval.


The Spyder5STUDIO is a complete package for anyone serious about color management, and as a photographer you’d be a fool not to be.



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By Eric Reagan


Monitor calibration is one of the necessary evils that photographers must learn to cope with now that every image we create must pass through our computer in this digital age. Fortunately, there are some pretty handy tools to take on that challenge.


Datacolor is one of the industry leaders in the monitor calibration market and the new Spyder5 tool makes it painless for the most part.


There are actually three different iterations of the Spyder5 monitor calibration tools – Spyder5EXPRESS, Spyder5PRO and Spyder5ELITE, which cover the most basic calibrations to the most advanced, respectively. This review covers my experience with the Spyder5ELITE.



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