Getting to Know Albert Busch

Set apart in plush corner offices, guarded by secretaries and revered perhaps just as much as they are feared – it’s not an uncommon image conjured when picturing the CEOs of large corporations.


And then there is Albert Busch, CEO of Datacolor. The Dutch-speaking native of Belgium sits at a desk the mirror image of his co-workers and is well-known for wandering the office to talk with others about their projects. Possessing two master’s, including one in microelectronic engineering and a second in industrial management, Busch claims he hasn’t lost his love of engineering, despite a career history centered wholly in management. At Datacolor, the spirit of his engineering studies flows throughout his work and is evident in his energetic drive to establish Datacolor as a leader in innovation and invention.


For Busch, the most exciting part of working at Datacolor is the moment you get the “spark” of a new solution or product. “Seeing these efforts coming to fruition, bringing something that didn’t previously exist to life… that’s what gives me energy,” said Busch.


As retail and industries across the spectrum struggle against the challenges of today’s economic environment, Busch is positioning Datacolor to lead the way in providing solutions that help companies and brands produce goods more efficiently and effectively. To that end, Busch has outlined a future for Datacolor that grows the company by both improving and expanding upon existing product lines, solving yet-unsolved problems within markets the company has an active presence, and creating entirely new markets with the introduction of innovative products.


Before he was at the helm of Datacolor, Busch worked in several roles for Bekaert before taking a job as VP Industrial Business Unit at Datacolor. Busch transitioned into his current role of CEO amidst the global financial crisis, an undoubtedly difficult year for businesses and certainly not an easy time to take the reins of a company. Paired with the birth of his triplet daughters, needless to say, it was a rollercoaster of a year for Busch. “It was a really hard year for many people. Ultimately, we came out better positioned for future success,” said Busch.


Amidst the trials and tribulations of leading a company, Busch has set himself apart as an adept, well-respected and approachable leader with a likable personality and an insatiable drive to innovate. Never one to willingly choose the spotlight for himself, he has none-the-less stood out as a leader with a passion for engineering, business and, of course, color.