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From the CEO: The Future of Color Management — Big Data, Business Analytics and Beyond

By Albert Busch 

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn

We are currently on the forefront of a technological revolution as more and more industries – including the industries we serve – embrace big data and business analytics. At Datacolor, we believe that the analysis of big data has great potential to support and influence business decisions and create new solutions which will play a significant role in shaping the future of color management as we know it.

The Shift to Big Data

Brands and suppliers in a variety of industries have been collecting consumer information and production data for decades – this is nothing new. However, there has always been the challenge to connect data from a wide range of sources and then analyze it to come to meaningful learnings. These days, more and more new software and hardware solutions are available that make it easier than ever to capture, store and analyze information and this development is now putting big data analytics in reach of more companies than ever before.

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How Will It Impact Color?

As digitalization has become a priority for many industries, there is great potential for big data to influence the way we manage data, including color. This provides the opportunity to embrace the data available at our fingertips and leverage it even further to make smarter decisions about color throughout the supply chain. From informing color decisions at the point of manufacture to helping predict color trends or measurement performance of instruments, this data can be beneficial on both the production side and on the design front. How exactly will customers use big data to make business decisions related to color will depend on many factors—starting with the quality and accessibility of digital data.

At Datacolor, we see it as our job to help customers with their color digitalization journey and  work with them on ways to turn all the data that is collected into information… ultimately knowledge. There is still much to learn about how to best structure and leverage big data and we are looking forward to working closely with our partners to take full advantage of the technological advancements on the horizon. We will keep you posted on our journey.

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