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Guardian for Optimal Spectrophotometer Performance

Predictive measurement monitoring service that gives peace of mind

Designed to give you peace of mind, the Datacolor Guardian is a predictive measurement monitoring service that ensures optimal performance of your spectrophotometer.

Every day, your business and your customers depend on your color management system to perform at the highest, most reliable level possible. You can rely on Datacolor Guardian to provide predictive maintenance of all your Datacolor spectrophotometers with periodic, remote diagnostic testing reviewed by trained Instrument Experts.

Benefits of Datacolor Guardian:

  • Predictive Maintenance feature means that expert technicians can diagnose problems before they occur
  • Reference-grade diagnostic tiles, certified for one year’s use
  • Easy as measuring a sample and takes only a few minutes every other week
  • Correlate to Datacolor master instrument to meet supply chain requirements
  • System automatically shares test results with Datacolor technicians, plus any selected supply chain partners
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Status code ’00211’ is an indicator that the green tile result is high. This is an indicator that the instrument has a problem or if it is a loaner or recently serviced instrument the green tile data needs to be deleted and reset.
The LCD Status Display includes a color coded (green, yellow, red) Instrument Status bar. Normally, this bar will be green in color and the Status Codes field will be blank. Certain conditions, including the ones listed below, may cause the Instrument Status bar to be yellow or red in color. Corresponding Status Codes will also be displayed. Should these conditions occur, please contact your local Datacolor office for more information and guidance regarding next steps.

Item Condition Code and Color
Age of White Tile

(Replacement recommended yearly)

10-12 months old 00111; Yellow
> 12 months old 00121; Red

Control Measurements

(Taken during Calibration)

dE > .5 for a given set of measurement conditions. 00212; Red
.5 >= dE >= .35 for a given set of measurement conditions. 00211; Yellow
Time since last Maintenance and Certification > 12 months 00311; Yellow

To provide accurate data, your spectrophotometer needs to be well-maintained. This includes calibrating it daily, at the start of a shift, or before beginning any important measurement job. Here’s what you need to know about calibration tiles: How to Store, Use and Clean Your Calibration Tiles | Datacolor

If you have a failure on the green tile, then please check the following items.

  1. Clean the green tile with a soft paper tissue
  2. Check the green tile for scratches.
  3. Clean also the white tile with a soft paper tissue.
  4. Check on the calibration screen of the software which aperture is selected.
  5. Now verify that the same aperture is on the instrument.
  6. If that is correct recalibrate the instrument.
  7. If you still have a failure, call your Datacolor representative

Cause: The instrument does not communicate with the PC, the instrument goes automatically on Simulus mode.

Solutions: Check the cable, Restart the instrument, and check your instrument configuration and calibration (Page 3 of the Tools Quick Start Guide).

If not fixed, contact your Datacolor local support.

Peace of mind with Datacolor Guardian

Confidence + Reliability = Greater Customer Satisfaction.

Datacolor Guardian offers you comprehensive, ongoing service and support, diagnosing problems before they occur, giving you peace of mind at a very affordable price.

You can easily correlate your instruments with the Datacolor Master using cost effective, reference grade, and disposable ceramic tile eliminating or reducing production errors and saving money & time.

The Guardian FleetViewer option is the perfect solution for monitoring the performance status of all the instruments in your supply chain – every instrument in every location in one simple interface. Guardian’s simple communication tools allow you to contact operators in just one click.

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