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Datacolor 20D: Accurate Color Matching for Paint & Hardware Stores

Designed to help retail paint and hardware stores who need accurate color matching anywhere in the store or at a customer job site.

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The Datacolor 20D is an easy-to-use portable spectrophotometer that delivers top performance on a wide variety of sample shapes and sizes.

Benefits of Datacolor 20D:

  • Sphere geometry enables accurate color measurement of both flat and textured samples.
  • Gloss determination of sample sheen, combined with gloss compensation in PAINT software, enables accurate visual color formulation.
  • The illuminated sample alignment port enables direct view of the sample through the sphere and precise positioning for sample measurement.
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Make sure all manufactures are turned on/selected in the Paint 2 configuration menu.

Be sure both User Name and Password are ADMIN

Any sophisticated piece of equipment requires routine maintenance and specific conditions to perform at its optimal level. Read this guide Spectrophotometer Best Practices for Accurate Measurements | Datacolor and download the paper for more detailed information.

To provide accurate data, your spectrophotometer needs to be well-maintained. This includes calibrating it daily, at the start of a shift, or before beginning any important measurement job. Here’s what you need to know about calibration tiles: How to Store, Use and Clean Your Calibration Tiles | Datacolor

Achieve accurate color anywhere with Datacolor 20D

Portability + accuracy.

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Datacolor 20D combined with Datacolor Paint software yields higher first shot matches, saving you time and money. The instrument is easy to install with all required set-up data pre-loaded at the factory. Just connect to your Paint software via Bluetooth or USB, calibrate and you are ready to take measurements. 

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