Portable Spectrophotometers

ColorReader Spectro for Accurate Handheld Color Matching

Designed for color matching needs in retail paint and hardware stores, the ColorReader Spectro is an affordable, handheld, Bluetooth-enabled device that can easily and accurately match color.

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Whether you are looking to add new custom color matching offerings, support additional product lines in your retail store, or save lab time and formulate more competitive fan decks, the compact ColorReader Spectro delivers accurate color matching in the palm of your hands at an ultra affordable price.

Benefits of ColorReader Spectro:

  • Affordable quality match at a fraction of the cost of traditional benchtop instruments
  • Attract and maintain high margin customers with custom matching
  • Increase store efficiency with an easy to learn and operate system
  • Improve customer satisfaction with ability to match any trend inspiration colors
  • Save valuable lab time by matching competitive color in the store
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Attract and Retain Loyal Customers with ColorReader Spectro

Quality match at an affordable price.

Designed to help retail stores sell more paint, the compact ColorReader Spectro is an easy to use spectrophotometer that provides results comparable to traditional benchtop instruments, but at a fraction of the cost.

With the click of a button, you can perform custom matching from competitors’ fan decks or from the customer’s own samples. You can also use the ColorReader Spectro to look up an existing color, even if the sample has gloss.

The ColorReader Spectro seamlessly integrates with your existing matching software and is easy to operate and maintain so you can start attracting more professional painters and sell more paint right away.

How quick will my investment pay off?

Discover how much you can save by eliminating mis-tints with the ColorReader Spectro. 

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ColorReader Spectro with Retail Paint Package
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ColorReader Spectro

with Datacolor Paint*

ColorReader Spectro with Retail Paint Package

Datacolor 200R

with Datacolor Paint

Retail Paint Software display on monitor

ColorReader EZ, ColorReader and ColorReader PRO with mobile app

Best suited for Stores looking to attract more Pro business with custom matching capabilities. High end paint stores serving contractors with high daily volume Stores to resell to contractors and consumers for additional added revenue
Color lookup
Custom color matching
Works on textured samples
Measure sample with gloss
Easy installation /plug-n-play
Portable/Can be carried outside of the store
Supported system Windows Windows iOS / Android


* Instrument works with 3rd party software via SDK. Specific features vary by software

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Grow your paint business without breaking the bank with ColorReader Spectro

Your paint business matters. Talk to a color expert today to see if ColorReader Spectro is right for you.