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Pigment Formulation Software: Match Pigment

A color formulation software designed to bring ease to the work of professionals in the paint, pigment and plastic industries, our Match Pigment software amplifies the accuracy of color development, improving quality control and productivity.

Available as perpetual or annual subscription

Trust your color decisions without leaning on subjective, visual matching. With Match Pigment software, you will have the confidence you need to formulate and match colors for guaranteed accuracy.

This sharp color matching software fine-tunes formulations using two high-level features to produce vivid results. SmartMatch technology analyzes your approved formulations to boost first-shot match rates, and Gamut Mapping solves common colorant challenges by speeding up the color formulation process.

With Match Pigment Software – You Get:

  • Unique SmartMatch technology reduces the need for physical matches and improve first-shot match rate by 80%.
  • Formulation time is shortened with a 50% increase in match speed.
  • Power to assess what colors will and won’t work with Gamut Mapping.
  • User-friendly interface for streamlining daily operations.
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Concentrate scaling is a mathematical alteration of a formula to bring its colorant loading from its target level in a finished product to a formula for a material that is highly loaded that can then be used to mix with uncolored material to make a final product that is colored at the desired level. See more in this document

Keywords are a tool used to identify key properties of the materials you need to choose among when you are formulating to a new color standard. Keywords will help the user identify which colorants/materials have those critical properties which are necessary in color match. This is most useful when the number of colorant choices in your colorant sets are vast, and the knowledge of all those materials’ critical properties are not shared by all users. See more in this document.

This program enables you to create and edit Schedules, a super-queue tool which incorporate several job templates into a single queue. By considering multiple job templates, the Schedule feature automates the use of different templates (strategies) to achieve specific colorimetric and non-colorimetric requirements for the jobs in the queue. Please refer to the guide for more details.

Here are documents explain sample preparation guidelines for a Datacolor Match Pigment colorant database for Ink, Paint, and Cosmetics.

Less Guesswork. More Creating.

The Accuracy You Need with Datacolor Match Pigment

Color professionals in paints, plastics, pigments, inks, leather and cosmetics industries around the world rely on Datacolor Match Pigment to shorten formulation time, improve match quality and streamline daily operations.

Leave less room for error and match with confidence using Datacolor’s color matching software.

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“It is huge for my clients to be able to tell their clients that they can do any kind of job and deliver it fast. Being able to turn around colors in a week is pretty unheard of.”

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