Webinar Series: Match Pigment Color Formulation Software

Discover what Match Pigment can do for you. Watch these videos for tips when using the Datacolor Match Pigment color formulation software.

We want to help you to boost productivity and save time and money with a faster, smarter matching engine. We also indicate how you can streamline all color process with one complete solution.

1. Color Delivery Process For Paint, Coatings, Ink And Plastics.

In this webinar, we will define the color delivery process for paint and coatings, ink and plastics industries. We will also explain how Datacolor solution fit into this process and how it is designed to improve the overall efficiency of the color delivery process.

2. Basic Introduction Of Match Pigment

In this demonstration of Datacolor Match Pigment Software, we will review basic Formulation and Correction Options; Formula Central Workflow as well as Jobs and Job Templates.

3. What Is Color Gamut And How To Use It In Your Daily Workflow

In this session, we discuss what is a Color Gamut, and how to use Color Gamut in your daily workflow.

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4. What Is Smartmatch And How To Incorporate It Into Your Matching System

In this demonstration of Match Pigment Smartmatch, we talk about how it works, how to incorporate it into your matching system and how to maintain it.

5. What Is Smart Correction And Where To Apply It

In this video, we will demonstrate the types of Corrections in Match Pigment, discuss what is Smart Correction and why is it different, where to use Smart Correction and how to enable Smart Correction.

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6. How To Activate The Recycle Feature In Match Pigment

In this video, we will discuss what is a Recycle? How to activate Recycles in Match Pigment; how to store Recycles, perform matching with Recycles, use Combinatorial Correction for Recycles and applying partial batch to avoid creating more recycle material.

7. How To Measure Gloss And How To Match With Gloss Compensation

In this webinar, we address the topics of measuring Gloss with a sphere instrument compared to a Glossmeter (45/0), the appearance characteristics of Gloss, what is Gloss Compensation in Formulation, enabling Gloss in Match Pigment and matching with Gloss Compensation.

8. What Is Product Line Maintenance And How You Match With This Feature

In this webinar, we discuss what is a Product Line and where can it be used in the paint and coatings, plastics industry. During the demo, you will also learn how to match with the product line maintenance feature.

9. How To Create Schedules And Work With Queues To Create, Match, Sort And Dispense

In this session we will talk about working with Schedules and Queues in Match Pigment, from creating Schedules, to creating, matching, sorting, dispensing and correcting with Queues.

10. Using Contrast Ratio To Hide Or Show Certain Colors

In this session we talk about matching with contrast ratio in Match Pigment, a feature that is often used in the Paint and coatings, plastics and ink industry. It is used for a color to hide or show a background to certain extend.

11. What Is Component Formulas And How To Use It In Formula Central

In this session, we will address what is Component Formulas, where components are entered for Formula Ingredients and Formula Forms in Formula Central.

12. Utilize Film Thickness For Better Matching

This session we discuss how to utilize film thickness for better matching and matching over colored substrate.

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“The unique SmartMatch technology of Match Pigment Software reduces the need for physical matches and improves first-shot match rates by up to 80%*.”

Designed for Color Professionals in Paint, Pigment and Plastic Industries.

Match Pigment is a color formulation software that helps you efficiently and confidently achieve the desired color while saving time and money.

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