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Lightbox Color Evaluation Tool: Lightbooth

Lightbox color evaluation tools

Datacolor lightbooths and luminaires simulate a variety of lighting conditions, enabling visual color assessment of ink, paint, plastic, textile, paper, colorant, and other colored materials with absolute confidence.

Overhead and desktop lightbooth solutions are available in a variety size options to suit any office or laboratory environment within your supply chain:

  • ColorMatcher Lightbooth – Datacolor ColorMatcher light booths are feature-rich color inspection systems for global supply chains where color must be managed accurately from design through production. The large size of the lightbooth, lamp-usage monitoring, and one-touch programmable multi-light sequencing makes the ColorMatcher Lightbooth an excellent choice for visual color evaluation.
  • ColorMatcher Overhead Luminaire – Part of the ColorMatcher Lightbooth family, the Luminaire is installed overhead for visual inspection of larger samples or for color evaluation of samples in a conference room environment. Up to eight units can be linked together depending on the size of the room. Wherever traditional light booths are not practical, the luminaire adapts easily to a variety of workspaces.
  • Tru-Vue Light Booth – The Datacolor Tru-Vue Light Booth is a cost effective lighting option. The lightweight desktop design makes comparing color standards to samples easy and effective.

All lighting solutions can be stand-alone or linked together for a larger viewing area.

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Use Cases

Accurate visual color evaluation with Datacolor Light booth

Confidence + flexibility. The Datacolor difference.

The perceived color of any object is significantly influenced by the light source and the environment in which it is viewed. As the light source changes, the color of an object may also change. To ensure consistency in color decisions, it is therefore essential that everyone evaluating color in a supply chain evaluates samples under similar lighting conditions.

Datacolor Light booths simulate a variety of lighting conditions enabling visual color assessors to conveniently evaluate product colors with confidence and consistency in any lighting environment:

  • LED (3000K/3500K/4000K)
  • Artificial Daylight (D50/D65/D75)
  • Store Light (CWF/TL83/TL84/U35)
  • Home Light (A/Horizon)
  • Ultraviolet Light (UV)

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Lab technician working with a Datacolor Lightbooth for color evaluation.

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Verification Service ensures confidence in your visual color
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Light booth is an essential tool for visual color evaluation. To ensure reliable and repeatable results,
regular maintenance services including lightbooth calibration are required.

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Evaluate more Confidently with Datacolor Lightbooth

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