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Color Sample Conditioning: Conditioner MB2

For controlled visual color assessment.

Datacolor Conditioner is a conditioning cabinet that enables color facilities with variable environmental conditions to achieve highly reproducible color assessments.

Datacolor Conditioner ensures that samples are quickly and accurately conditioned at a fixed temperature and relative humidity prior to measurement with a spectrophotometer. Samples can also be conditioned to light using the optional daylight illumination module.

Benefits of Datacolor Conditioner:

  • Efficient process – Sample conditioning in just five to ten minutes, with the unit holding up to forty samples with lighting or up to one hundred samples without lighting.
  • Meet global supply chain requirements – Conformance to ASTM D1776 and ISO 139 standards for conditioning textile samples.
  • Precision controls – Temperature control with precision of +/-0.2º C and humidity control with maximum variation of +/- 2% rH. The optional external water tank and deionized filtration system provide additional reliability.
  • Ease of operation – Quickly and easily select the appropriate conditioning set points with the intuitive controller interface. Sealed inner glass door enables viewing of samples location for rapid sample removal and minimal disruption to conditioning.
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Use Cases

Consistent color assessment anywhere with the Datacolor Conditioner

Confidence + flexibility. The Datacolor difference.

No matter what instrument you use, your samples must be properly prepared for measurements to be accurate. Measurements need to be consistent and reproducible. This requires that every possible variable in the process be controlled, such as humidity, temperature and  sometimes even the lighting.

With the compact, easy to use Datacolor Conditioner, your color labs and offices can be confident that the measured samples will be consistent with each other – anywhere in the world. A constant gentle air circulation throughout the chamber with the APT.Line™ technology ensures homogeneous sample conditioning throughout the cabinet. Your colorists can condition up to one hundred samples within five to ten minutes.

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“I have known and worked with Datacolor for almost 25 years…and we as a company are fully satisfied. It is a testament to what can be accomplished if everyone works together as a team, regardless which country or continent they are in.”

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Measure consistently with Datacolor Conditioner

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