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SpectraVision : Precise Color Evaluation of Nearly Anything

Designed for multi-color, textured, small or irregularly-shaped samples, Datacolor SpectraVision combines an advanced hyperspectral spectrophotometer with quality control software — so you can measure, analyze, report, share, and visualize exact color results.

A color evaluation powerhouse, Datacolor SpectraVision delivers precise measurements for practically anything — from yarn to roof shingles, thermoformed plastic to dental ceramics.

With two possible configurations, the use cases are nearly endless. While the horizontal configuration is useful in traditional, larger-scale contexts, the vertical configuration lets colorists measure the smallest samples, including buttons, gems, and granulates.

Benefits of Datacolor SpectraVision:

  • Used in various industries, including textiles, aerospace, materials, paint and coatings, plastics, and dentistry.
  • Removes subjectivity from the color measurement process and integrates with other tools, even offering backward compatibility.
  • Increases efficiency by reducing color approval workflows, streamlining processes, and reducing costs associated with physical sample management.
  • Eliminates weeks of development and production process work, so you can respond to customer demands and trends faster than ever before.

Calculate the benefit for yourself.

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We recommend single layer for multi-color materials to avoid color overlapping

No. The IP address is fixed at

It is not possible to provide average readings in v2.5 (current release) of the software.

If you are doing on-screen evaluations, we recommend you calibrate your monitor using a Spyder 5

All light sources available in the current TOOLS 2.3 shipping version will be available. However, only two light sources will be supported in the color patch at a time

Currently the use of collections is limited to TOOLS SV 2.5.

Some best practices methods have been determined and are included at the end of the what’s new document for TOOLS SV 2.5

SpectraVision takes approximately 35 seconds to measure one sample but can measure multiple colors at once, providing a reflectance curve for each color. Datacolor 1000 family is faster but can only measure one color at a time.

Yes. calibration and measurements work the same way as regular Datacolor TOOLS.

Yes, after the colors have been separated with SpectraVision, export the data to a QTX file and proceed to match the colors in Match Textile

Utilizing the sample holder, you can fold the material and secure it so that multiple colors are visible in the aperture plate. You may also use the “add” button in the select color separation screen to add additional colors that may be on other parts of the sample that are not visible with a single measurement.

Image capture, reflectance, and colorimetric data, metamerism and others

Use Cases

Measure the Immeasurable with Datacolor SpectraVision

Where innovation and inspiration converge.

Built for precision color measurement, Datacolor SpectraVision delivers the highest quality color measurement capabilities. Our newest vertical configuration expands what was previously possible, giving you the power to measure the tiniest samples.

textile threads in reds and purples


Prints, Yarn Dyes, Accessories, Footwear

houses lined up on a street

Building Materials

Vinyl Flooring, Stucco, Textured Siding, Countertops

open paint cans with paint in many different colors

Paint + Coatings

Specialty Pigments, Coatings, Weathering Applications

plastic bottle pop caps and tops

Specialty Cases

Thermoplastics, Hair, Ceramics, Crystals, Plastic Pellets

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How to Perform Color Measurements on Complex Materials with Datacolor SpectraVision

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rolls of yarn in many different colors of the rainbow


Yousung logo

“Without a digital color management solution, the process of color measurement and quality control was a constant challenge; especially for those unmeasurable or complex materials”

Mr. Dong-Gyu Lee

Webinar Series

Datacolor SpectraVision For Paints, Coatings, and Plastics

Discover all there is to know about Datacolor Spectravision and how it compares to other benchtop spectrophotometers in our webinar series.

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SpectraVision machine
Woman talking on phone

Measure Color Like Never Before with Datacolor SpectraVision

Small samples have big impacts. Talk to a color expert today to see if Datacolor SpectraVision is right for you.