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Lab Dyeing Machine: AHIBA

Designed for dyers with numerous substrates and labs requiring powerful but “easy-to-use” controllers, the Datacolor Ahiba lab dyeing machines maximize efficiency with precise heating and temperature control.

The industry proven Datacolor Ahiba dyeing machines accommodate many types of substrates for dyeing and testing procedures. Known for precision, convenience and high repeatability, Ahiba comes in two models to better suit your lab needs:

  • Ahiba IR – State-of-the-art, air-cooled infrared dyeing unit. Supports a wide range of dyeing and testing requirements at an affordable price.
  • Ahiba IR Pro – Offers highest accuracy and dyeing flexibility in the family with outstanding dyeing performance required by textile exhaust dyeing laboratory.

Optional accessory, the Ahiba Quickdose, is an unique lid designed for Ahiba beakers with three independently operated dosing capsules. It allows safe and easy addition of both liquids and powders to the dye bath and enhances correlation between laboratory and production processes.



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Use Cases

Produce accurate sample dyeing with Datacolor Ahiba

Confidence + quality. The Datacolor difference.

The Datacolor Ahiba dye machines produce accurate laboratory sample dyeing with high accuracy and repeatability. The machine moves the beakers in a circular rotation with advanced infrared heating technology that eliminates glycol contamination and cumbersome beaker cleaning. The units can accommodate many different beaker sizes and quantities maximizing the versatility of the machines.

These specially designed pressure tested beakers offer maximum safety and can be used for atmospheric and high temperature dyeing. Chemical auxiliaries can be easily added through our specially designed beaker lid, the Datacolor Ahiba Quickdose, without removing the lid.

For the discerning laboratory that requires their equipment to provide valuable feedback during and about their dyeing process the Datacolor Ahiba IR Pro is a great match. Datacolor Ahiba IR Pro contains sophisticated
algorithms and control logic to ensure the temperature and time programmed is achieved regardless of beaker size and beaker load.

Both the Datacolor Ahiba IR and Datacolor Ahiba IR Pro are certified against the world’s toughest standards for safety and compliance.

Talk to a color expert today to see if the Datacolor Ahiba is the right solution for your dye lab operations.

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How Quickdose can help dosing safely and easily in your lab.

Discover the benefit of the Datacolor Ahiba Quickdose technology and start increasing your lab-to-production reproducibility of dyeing.

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“Effective customer service requires efficient laboratory equipment. Bezema has many years of experience with Ahiba equipment from Datacolor. They can be used universally and achieve the best possible output of color settings with a high level of precision.”

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Dispense more Confidently with Datacolor Ahiba

Your color challenges matter. Talk to a color expert today to see if Datacolor Ahiba is right for you.