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Dye Production Optimization Software: Process, Ticket and Weigh

Designed for textile continuous and exhaust dyeing facilities seeking to improve efficiency and accuracy in dye processes, Process and Ticket software solutions utilize and transfer information from an optimized production recipe into the color lab.

Datacolor Process, Ticket, and Weigh software employ the valuable knowledge of the experts in your company to help you manage dye recipes and production dyeing procedures. Process parameters and auxiliary quantities are automatically adjusted based on variables in the dyeing process, including dyestuff quantity, dye machine, and quality.

Datacolor Process – Produces the most accurate and efficient production dyeing procedure through rules-based calculations for complex dyeing processes.

Datacolor Ticket – Simple dyelot tickets are produced to ensure accuracy in production dyeing.

Datacolor Weigh – Interactively guides the drugroom operator through the entire weighing process, ensuring that the correct dyes and chemicals are weighed accurately. Dye weighing errors are virtually eliminated, minimizing lost time and costly dyelot rework.

Benefits of Datacolor Process, Ticket, and Weigh:

  • Automatically generates the best production recipe and dyeing procedure for any color based on relevant dyeing requirements. Rules based on liquor ratio, customer, fabric, dye machine, and dyestuff quantity automatically adjust dyeing parameters and chemical amounts to eliminate dyeing errors. Temperature ramp rate and dyeing time are optimized to ensure the most efficient dyeing cycle.
  • Dyelot history and quality analysis enable proactive recipe correction to reduce dye adds. Instantly review results for previous dyelots, including all colorimetric data to identify potential production issues before costly mistakes occur. If a dyelot is off shade, connect to Datacolor Match Textile to generate the most accurate and cost-effective correction to get the dyelot back on shade.
  • Supports exhaust and continuous dyeing on any fiber type. Configure dye machines with min/max control of machine capacity, liquor ratio and pickup. Generate simple production recipes or a complete production process including recipe and process costs. Optional inventory control ensures product availability, while dyelot scheduling guarantees the most efficient use of available equipment.
  • Works seamlessly with Datacolor Match Textile and Datacolor Weigh to manage the entire textile dyeing process from lab to production. Designed to link with dye machine supervisor and ERP systems, customized integration modules ensure that dye and chemical quantities and process parameters are passed between systems without the need for manual re-entry of data.
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The attached document contains the Mettler scale SICS communications protocol and how to test the scale using the HyperTerminal program.

See attached document for the list of scales supported in Datacolor Weigh software.

Datacolor Process uses a set of local look up tables to speed up the opening of screens. Occasionally these sets of look up tables can become corrupted slowing the software and so need resetting. Follow the procedure in the attached document to reset the tables.

Follow the instructions in the attached procedure.

In Job ticket, it is not possible to change the volume in Operation. But it is possible to introduce a factor in the Recipe Template call-off.

The call-off volume will be equal to the dyelot volume multiplied by this factor. See attached document.

The quantities of dyestuffs must be modified following rules that are specific to each dyestuff. In this example, the adaptation depends on the liquor ratio, but it can be adapted to other variables.

The attached document has been written for Datacolor Process v.2.1. Since Datacolor Process 2.2, it is possible to add parameters to each dyestuff record and even formulas (see IP2 TN011 – Quantity related to each dye.doc). With this new feature, you can simplify the following procedure by including the dyestuff factor calculation directly in the dyestuff record.

In Datacolor Process or ITMProcess, it is not possible to create a dyelot that uses two or more machines at the same time. You have to create a virtual machine that has the total volume of the machines you want to couple. See attached document.

“select * from Dyelot where dyelot_Id like ’%45%’ order by dyelot_id”

Units cannot be selected by a formula but, however, it is possible to introduce rules to select units.


Dyes quantities less than 10g must be expressed as a volume of a stock solution at 100% or 10%.


As formulas cannot be introduced to select a unit, we will introduce in the dye operation two dyes lines, one with a unit expressed as a volume and the other with a unit expressed as a weight.

To avoid from displaying twice a dye (one time for each unit), we will introduce a formula that sets quantity to zero when the unit is the wrong one. As the dyes quantities should not be definitively modified by these formulas, formulas will be set as ‘display only’.

See attached document.

Use the function ChangePickup

example: IN CASE OF… THEN ChangePickup(ValueOf(’Newvolume’))

This report is useful to check the information you introduce in dyestuffs, in tab ’Dyestuff’ tables ’Parameters’ and ’Auxiliaries’. See attached document.

See attached document for procedure.

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