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Discover new generation of Datacolor products that can replace your older obsolesced products.

Old Datacolor Instrument

There are many reasons for a product to reach its end of life, such as unavailability of parts for repair, technology innovations, or the products are no longer economical to continue supporting. At Datacolor, we are committed to provide you with the best customer services and take all these factors into consideration when discontinuing support for legacy products.

We recognize these support announcements may prompt you to evaluate your current operating environment and plan your solution roadmap. With this in mind, we are providing the information below to help you manage your transition, and to provide a clear understanding of the different service programs and assist you to migrate to the next generation of products and solutions.

Support Lifecycle Definitions

Current products

This refers to products currently manufactured and sold by Datacolor. These products are fully supported and are not included in this section.

End of sale products

This refers to products that are no longer manufactured by Datacolor. In some circumstances, customers can still order these products in small quantities from remaining inventory. Products in this phase have maintenance contract availability as well as technical support services.

End of support products

This refers to products that Datacolor can no longer provide spare parts replacement or repair services. This means no telephone or email support and no support on reinstallation. Any current application agreements will be honored but will not be renewed.

However, Datacolor can offer verification service for a limited time for our Spectrophotometers. Verification service provides basic verification of the instrument, but no replacement parts will be provided.

End of verification products

This refers to products that Datacolor can no longer provide verification services.

Discontinued Hardware Products

Interested in upgrading to the latest products? Here is a helpful guide full of information about trading in your older instruments. 


End of support date

End of verification date

Replacement product

Datacolor 400/600 series

June 2022

June 2024

Datacolor Spectro 1000/700  

Datacolor 110

December 2021

December 2023

Datacolor 200

Datacolor Viewport

March 2021



Select QC

November 2020



Check II

February 2020


Check 3


October 2016


Check 3

Spectraflash 300/ 350X / 450/ 450X 600/ 600 X/ 600 Plus

October 2016




October 2016


Check 3

Microflash 100d & 200d

October 2016



Microflash 45IR

January 2016



Dataflash 100

January 2013



Elrepho 450

January 2013



Elrepho 3100 & 3300

February 2010



38XX series Units Built AFTER 1988

September 2002



39XX Series

September 2002



SF500 Series

September 2002


Spectro 1000/700

CS-5 and CS-3

April 2002



Chroma Sensor

June 2000



38XX series Units Built BEFORE 1988

June 2000




Light Booths

Support Discontinued Effective Date

Replacement product

Verivide CA Series

April 2015

Datacolor ColorMatcher  

Multilight 2 (ML 2)

June 2002

Datacolor ColorMatcher  

Multilight 5 (ML 5)

June 2002

Datacolor ColorMatcher  

Tru-Vue 1

June 2002

Datacolor Tru-Vue


Lab Dispensing

Support Discontinued Effective Date

Replacement product

AUTOLAB Models: 32, 40 Combo, 64, 72, 72 Combo, 96, 96T, 104, 104T, 108, 108T, 108 Combo, 128,

128T, 186, 186T, 100 Plus,

20V, Modulo GT series

December 2012



December 2012


DS5 & DM5

July 2001


DS3 & DM3

January 1996



Lab Dyeing

Support Discontinued Effective Date

Replacement product

Ahiba Nuance Top Speed II

January 2019



January 2019


Easydye; Spectradye

December 2016


Nuance Top Speed;

Nuance ECO (serial #<03170);

Nuance Plus

December 2011


Turbolor 1000; Turbomat

December 2009





Winder KSW

September 2004



Discontinued Software Products

Datacolor will no longer replace defective hardware keys. We cannot guarantee that discontinued software can be installed on recent operating systems.


Technical Support

Replacement Software

Quality Control Software


Datacolor Tools 1.x

Until October 2019

Datacolor TOOLS V2

Colortools 1.X, 2.X


Datacolor TOOLS V2



Datacolor TOOLS V2

Chroma QC


Datacolor TOOLS V2

Color Matching Software


Datacolor Match Pigment 3.3

Until Jan 15, 2020

Datacolor Match Pigment V4 

Datacolor Match Pigment 1.x, 2.x, 3.x


Datacolor Match Pigment V4 

Match AFX


Datacolor Match Pigment V4 

Chroma Calc I, II, and III


Datacolor Match Pigment V4 

Datamatch Paint, Plastic and Ink


Datacolor Match Pigment V4 




Datacolor Match Textile 1.6

Until September 2016

Datacolor Match Textile V2

Datacolor Match Textile 1.x 


Datacolor Match Textile V2

Datamatch Textile


Datacolor Match Textile V2

DCIMatch 1.0 – 1.2.X


Datacolor Match Textile V2




Retail Software


Datacolor Paint 1.x

Until 2016

Datacolor Paint 2

Lab Paintmaker 1.x -3.15


Datacolor Paint 2



Datacolor Paint 2

DOS Paintmaker


Datacolor Paint 2




Visualization Software


Datacolor ENVISION

Until Sept 30, 2022


ImageSync 3.x

ImageMatch 3.x

ImageMaster 3.x






Datacolor Process

Smart Weigh


Datacolor Weigh

Performance Monitor High End Instruments


Datacolor Guardian 1.x, 2.x


Datacolor Guardian V3

Datacolor Maestro


Datacolor Guardian V3

Datacolor FleetViewer 1.x, 2.x


Datacolor Guardian V3


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