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Datacolor experts know that inaccurate color in the complex environment of the plastics industry is very costly. From resins to pellets to finished products like tools and toys, Datacolor provides solutions to ensure that your company can accurately measure color. Our technology even has the ability to evaluate materials that are opaque or translucent, smooth or textured, glossy or flat, pearlescent or metallic and so much more.

Because errors in color can be difficult and expensive to rectify in plastics manufacturing, it’s imperative to get colors right the first time. Our solutions help with color formulation, color quality control, analyzing and communicating color data and visually assessing color. No matter your challenge, we’re here to help you meet it head-on.

With Datacolor solutions as part of your formulation and quality control program, you can increase efficiency, reduce waste, speed up production, and save money, time and resources.

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“Our design team is very happy with Datacolor’s performance on colors that are common in the aviation industry. We feel we can get more accurate readings and reach the conclusion faster. Datacolor solutions are straightforward and easy to use. New employees trained on the equipment are quickly able to learn how to use the machines, becoming effective and productive users in very little time.”

Jeff Humenick

The Fundamentals of Color and Color Measurement

Getting color right is in the details. Understand how Datacolor can transform your color development process with this handy Industry Guide.

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