Global thermoplastic manufacturer chooses Datacolor to manage color matching workflow

SEKISUI Polymer Innovations, LLC, a global thermoplastics leader that serves a diverse spectrum of major industries including aviation, transportation, and medical devices, was looking for a strategic partner for quality control to improve service to their focus markets and maintain their leading role in manufacturing. The company invests heavily in cutting-edge technology and they were looking to bring more automation and consistency to the workflow.

The Challenges 

SEKISUI SPI is world renowned for the high quality of their products and services with focus on niche markets. They are among the few thermoplastic sheet manufacturers that can accomplish small run sizes within very short lead times.

The majority of the company’s customers are from the public transportation and medical sectors. They demand top quality products with tight color specifications that are typically small in order size and time sensitive. SEKISUI SPI has more than 5000 different color standards. The colors specified by customers can have very minor fluctuations within provided requirements.

The inability to predict how reheating plastic sheets will affect the color and gloss properties make color matching even more challenging.

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The Solution 

Getting the color right on the first try is critical when working with small customer orders that need to be delivered quickly. 

Datacolor worked closely with SEKISUI SPI to implement a solution that improves the color management workflow and speeds up the decision making process. 

As a result, SEKISUI SPI is able to deliver high quality products with faster turnaround, staying ahead of their competition. 

  • Consistent and repeatable measurement of color standards month after month 
  • Accurate color formulation that meets stringent government regulations 
  • Simple to learn and easy to use system 

SEKISUI SPI’s aviation dedicated facility – South Campus – is fully equipped with Datacolor instruments to measure specialty colors. 

“Our design team is very happy with Datacolor’s performance on colors that are very common in the aviation industry. We feel we can get more accurate readings and reach the conclusion faster,” – says Humenick. “Datacolor solutions are straightforward and easy to use. SEKISUI SPI’s new employees trained on the equipment are quickly able to learn how to use the machines, becoming effective and productive users in very little time.”

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“The installation was easy and smooth, the Datacolor team was on top of it” – “Just excellent.”

Tom Kisiel, Color Specialist

Discover digital color control at every step of your process. 

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SEKISUI SPI operates using three main principles that differentiate them from other manufacturers in the thermoplastics industry. Their commitment to excellent service, speed, and superiority has earned them the leading position in the markets they serve. Datacolor plays an important role helping SEKISUI SPI achieve their goals.

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“With Datacolor’s solution we can quickly determine whether the color of products we are producing are accurate.”

Jeff Humenick, Plant Manager SEKISUI SPI’s South Campus

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