Datacolor partners with Nippon Paint to bring more life to home décor

Leading industry brand Nippon Paint has provided Chinese consumers with more choices for paint functionality, paint effects, and eco-friendliness, and established new frontiers in the painting service market.

To maintain leadership position in the industry’s new paint service trend, Nippon Paint required higher color matching accuracy and faster response speed. To achieve this goal, Nippon Paint chose Datacolor, a leader in color management, to be its partner.

  • Enhance color accuracy
  • Improve efficiency
  • Further advancing Nippon Paint’s innovative repairing services 

Nippon Paint chose the Datacolor 800V Desktop Spectrophotometer to accurately identify colors for formulation. For the formulation of those colors, Datacolor’s Match Pigment Software has greatly helped Nippon Paint optimize both formula costs and quality. A reference level spectrophotometer integrated with a faster and more intelligent engine has enhanced Nippon Paint’s production efficiency, and saved time and money. As a result, Datacolor was able to leverage its matching technology to significantly improve Nippon Paint’s average DE value.

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Interior design blueprints with fandeck

Discover digital color control at every step of your process. 

Compared to previous systems, the new generation of Datacolor’s Color-Matching system significantly boosted Nippon Paint’s initial formula accuracy. Additionally, Datacolor’s software is capable of learning from previous matching jobs, thus making the initial formulas even more accurate. The function of queuing color matching jobs has reduced the workload for Nippon Paint’s colorists, making it possible to complete thousands of matching jobs with a simple click. Datacolor’s equipment and software have helped Nippon Paint enhance color accuracy and improve efficiency, while further advancing the development of their innovative repainting services. Datacolor’s partnership with Nippon Paint shows that a fast pace does not mean you have to give up on quality to achieve the right color.

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