DAW Partners with Datacolor for Stress-Free Color Selection

German building paint manufacturer DAW implements Datacolor’s hand-held color matching solution, ColorReaderPRO, for use in its retail stores and by pro painters.

DAW is the third largest manufacturer of architectural paint in Europe and develops, produces and sells innovative coating systems. DAW and Datacolor have a long-lasting relationship managing color in DAW laboratories and production.

“We needed a device with high accuracy and a user-friendly design to replace our aging in-store devices. Throughout the trials with the ColorReaderPRO, our users were very enthusiastic about this new device and its capabilities,” said Enno Weber, Head of coloristic and development department at DAW. “The ease-of-use of this reliable instrument, as well as the outstanding support of Datacolor, make this a successful partnership.”

DAW will implement the ColorReaderPRO for its Caparol brand. The units will be DAW branded and will also be sold through their webshop.

“With Datacolor, we have a strong partner in the development of market solutions that are precisely tailored to our target group.,” explained Axel Voelcker, Head of Digital Marketing at CAPAROL. “We are confident that with the ColorReaderPRO, integrated with our software solutions, we will provide customers with a modern, mobile product, allowing for efficient color consultation.”

The ColorReaderPRO instrument seamlessly interacts with mobile applications and cloud-based fleet management software, which is used to configure and maintain devices in the field. The fleet management software allows manufacturers to easily load new fan decks and collect user data.

“We are very proud of the partnership with DAW and their confidence in our commitment to innovate,”said Rik Mertens, global applications manager, Datacolor. “As with all Datacolor solutions, ColorReaderPRO offers paint manufacturers and their customers an exceptional color matching device with unique functionality and industry-leading accuracy.”

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