From Aeronautics to Defense: How Rousseau Metal Exceeds Expectations for Color

“We are not a one-size-fits-all” company, says Simon Bernier, Paint Lab Technician at Rousseau Metal. 

Since 1950, Rousseau Metal has provided customers with flexible and high-quality storage solutions. And since 1950, they have been dedicated to personalized products to meet even the most specific customer needs. 

“Rousseau’s human-based approach puts the customer at the heart of decisions and customer service,” says Bernier. 

So how does this translate to color? 

Not only does Rousseau offer more than 20 standard colors to their customers, but their manufacturing times are the same for each of them. They can also develop special colors upon request.  And behind the scenes, Datacolor solutions are helping Rousseau maintain a longstanding reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer. 

  • Faster and easier to document receipt of paint since switching from Konica Minolta.
  • Ability to better follow color deviations over time 
  • Confidence that modular solutions will always be color accurate
  • Color consistency across multiple facilities
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“We use Datacolor devices every day to approve each batch of paint we receive,” Bernier says. “This allows us to ensure that the products will end up being perfectly matched.”

Simon Bernier, Paint Lab Technician
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Consistency for Every Industry 

Rousseau works with a wide range of industries, including automotive, aeronautic, defense and security, mining and natural resources, and health. Working with such varied industries leads to a wide range of requirements for color. Often those needs change over time. Rousseau’s products are modular and designed to grow as a customer’s business grows.

Because of this, achieving consistently accurate color over time is even more important. Bernier explains: “We have several different painting facilities located in more than one factory. It is crucial for us to guarantee that all parts have the same exact color when the final product is assembled.” With the right color control solution in place, this consistency can be realized across facilities, across products and across time.

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Anything but Standard 

What happens when Rousseau gets a request beyond the 20 standard colors? We asked the team to share one of their challenging customer requests—and how they rose to the occasion. “We have a contract with an Italian motorcycle company for North America,” says Bernier. “For this customer, it was very important to have the same Red as the one made in Italy.” 

Whether a project requires standard colors or custom ones, the team at Rousseau is ready. “We are very satisfied with the quality of Datacolor products and the ease of use of the software,” says Bernier. He says that he would be quick to recommend Datacolor to other companies. “I would tell them that they can choose Datacolor with no fear because they have high-quality, accurate, and easy-to-use products.”

Nearly 70 Years as a Leader—and Counting 

When asked about the future of Rousseau Metal and what excites the team there, one word came up: growth. “Rousseau is always on the move,” says Bernier. We are constantly evolving in product development and market, and investing in technology, our distribution network, and our employees.” And there is no doubt color will play a central role as Rousseau continues to grow while maintaining a longstanding reputation for quality and customer service.

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