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Check 3

Designed for accuracy and portability, the Datacolor Check 3 delivers high precision color measurement required by formulation and quality control needs of the textile, paint, coatings and plastics industries.

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Whether it’s remote working or visiting customer sites or on the manufacturing floor, often there are needs for high precision color measurement away from your workstation and computer. The Datacolor Check 3 is designed to deliver high precision colorimetric performance that tightly correlates with the Datacolor reference grade benchtop spectrophotometers.

Top Check 3 Benefits:

  • Increases productivity with modern user interface and extensive onboard functions for stand-alone measurement and quality control tasks
  • Expands measurement flexibility with the horizontal configuration not limited by height constraints
  • Assures proper sample positioning with illuminated sample alignment port
  • Improves efficiency with Bluetooth for live measurement recording and bi-directional data exchange
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Inter-instrument agreement refers to how close two or more color measurement instruments (spectrophotometers) of similar model read the same color. Read all about it here: Why should you care about Inter-Instrument Agreement? | Datacolor

Check this list to see if your instruments are supported. If you have any questions, please contact your local support team.

This means your unit has lost the calibration file, and you need to follow these instructions to install new calibration data. This only applies to older instruments as all of our white tile data is now stored on the instrument firmware.

This error is caused by never Hot-Syncing a Check unit to a computer. To bypass a Hot Sync to a computer, there is a function on the Check called: Purge All Deleted.
This option is on the Check’s Help menu. If you have been deleting unneeded samples all the time, but the unit was never hot-synced to a PC, the ’deleted’ samples are not permanently removed from memory. The Purge function completely removes them from memory. On the Datacolor menu, tap on upper left corner, then tap on Help, Purge All deleted.

Use Cases

Measure color confidently with the portable Check 3

Precision match on the go.

Equipped with the same high accuracy spectrometer as our reference grade benchtop instruments, the Check 3 gives you the same confidence for each measurement, from vendor to customer and throughout the entire supply chain.

With the built-in large color LCD display, illuminated sample port, and one-click continuous sample measurement mode, you can quickly learn and easily operate the unit to complete your daily workflow. Evaluating Batch to Standard tolerances, comparing Indices, or making Pass/Fail decisions is as simple as clicking a button.

Integrated with Datacolor Tools quality control software, the Check 3 can seamlessly transfer data bi-directionally via Bluetooth or USB connection. This enhanced connectivity allows for live recording of measurements, or download or upload standards and batches for overall quality control workflow.

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Easy to learn and use, the Check 3 levels up your formulation and QC game.

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“To meet the high quality expectations of leading car manufacturers, Benecke-Changshun Zhangjiagang plant of Continental choses Datacolor to be their reliable partner with the relevant expertise in color management and the highest quality standards.”


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Measure confidently with the Datacolor Check 3 from anywhere

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