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Color Lab Dispensing System: Autolab

Designed for the color lab where speed, accuracy, and repeatability are the primary focus, the Autolab® TF automated dispensing system dispenses a wide range of solutions for textile exhaust and continuous dyeing, textile printing, floor covering, pigment industries and more.

Datacolor Autolab TF lab dispenser series dispense accurate dye recipes quickly, providing optimized lab productivity and eliminating costly re-dyes resulting from operator errors.

The companion solution preparation system – Autolab SPS ensures that dye solutions used in the lab and the dispenser are prepared accurately and consistently.

With Autolab – You Get:

  • Higher productivity – Automated, rapid dispense of a wide range of viscosities of products eliminates human error and increases throughput. Calibration-free injectors, dispensing water and chemicals into more than one dye pot simultaneously further enhances productivity.
  • Accurate and repeatable results – the dispensing system uses dedicated individual injectors to transfer solution from each dye bottle, removing any possibility of cross contamination. The tube-free design and constant solution agitation provide a high level of repeatable results. Automated gravimetric dispensing provides full traceability for each solution dispensed.
  • Maintenance free – the Autolab TF dispensing system is tube-free, eliminating the possibility of sedimentation and the need to clean the system.
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Use Cases

Automate your recipe creation with Datacolor Autolab Dispensing System

Confidence + quality. The Datacolor difference.

The Datacolor Autolab TF dispensing system range of gravimetric dispensers provides the speed often associated with traditional tubed systems, and it also comes with the benefit of accuracy and maintenance-free nature of a tubeless system.

With its wide range of solution bottle options and the ability to dispense a wide range of viscosities, the Autolab dispensing system is suitable for multiple applications: exhaust and continuous dyeing, textile printing, floor covering, pigment industries and many more.

As the expert in laboratory dispensing for more than 20 years, Datacolor Autolab dispensing system ensures seamless recipe transfer and fast dispensing throughput within your laboratory workflow process.

Talk to a color expert today to see if the Autolab is the right solution for your color lab.

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Tips for Proper Use and Care of Your Autolab TF Lab

Discover best practices for proper operation and care of your Autolab TF Lab system to ensure accurate and repeatable dye results.

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Dispense more Confidently with Datacolor Autolab

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