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“With this product, Audi can precisely measure and control color and gloss in a single convenient operation. The design and measuring technologies guarantee consistent results even with measurements over longer periods.”

Stefan Hauck, interior material development and outdoor weathering | Audi

For automobile manufacturers like Audi, it is vital that visual deviations are detected before they affect the production quality. Especially for automotive interiors, where individual parts often come from different suppliers and have different surfaces, the overall visual effect should still be harmonious. To achieve this harmony, Audi needed a hand-held color measuring device equipped with analysis software that considers gloss level as well as surface texture.

The Datacolor 45G CT is a highly precise, portable spectrophotometer with integrated gloss measurement. It enables accurate color measurement of painted surfaces, plastic parts, automotive components, furnishings and other manufactured goods. The onboard software saves standards and samples, and provides a comprehensive display of all important colorimetric data with clear indications of pass/fail decisions. The Datacolor 45G CT sets the standard for portable spectrophotometers in terms of accuracy, speed, user friendliness and value for money.

The portable 45G CT enables the quality control of numerous components with stringent tolerance values to ensure a consistent color appearance, as required by Audi. It reliably detects minor differences in gloss or color. The main advantages of the Datacolor 45G CT, is the sleek design which enables measurements to be taken in hard-to-reach places in vehicles.

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