Datacolor Retail Paint Solution ROI Calculator

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Datacolor Retail Paint Solution ROI calculator



Average cost of colorant per ounce:

2.00 USD

# of colorant ounce per gallon of paint:


Labor cost per hour:

18.00 USD


Average cost of each mistint (including material and labor):

32.50 USD

Cost of base paint:

20.00 USD

Cost of colorant:

8.00 USD

Cost of labor:

4.50 USD


Potential new repeat Pro customers gained from improved service capabilities, such as custom matching, saved customer files, efficient employees (yearly):


Average gallons of paint sold to pro customers (weekly):


Average selling price per gallon:

12.00 USD


Average cost of retail paint solution (will vary based on Matching Software & Instrument):

1699.00 USD

Total mistint reduction (from barcode scan and higher accuracy):

50 %