Basto Wong

Technical Key Account Manager & Head of Assessments
“Data doesn’t speak for itself – it has a story to tell, and we are here to give it a voice.”

— Basto Wong


Basto is a Datacolor Subject Matter Expert who specializes in the textile industry. His many years of experience working with global retail brands gives him intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the industry and a pulse on the needs of brands. Basto specifically excels at advising key stakeholders on the best course of action when implementing a new color management program. 



Experience + Success

  • Introduces digitalization to brands to help them manage their color development and quality workflow
  • Provides support when implementing a color management program to over 200 suppliers and vendors
  • Develops new technology solutions, field studies and trial runs with sales, marketing, and product management teams
  • Became Head of Assessment managing the Datacolor Certify Program in 2019

A Proud Accomplishment

The global key account team worked on a consultation project for a global fashion group with over 15 brands in offices across the US, Europe, and Asia. 

As the Asia-based Datacolor representative, Basto spent 6 months interviewing the company’s stakeholders to better understand their needs and then prepared a report with his team’s recommendations. 

Based on their recommendations, the fashion group implemented 2 color management programs. Within 3 months, the deal brought Datacolor over $500,000 in revenue that continues to grow as more Datacolor solutions are implemented across the customer’s supply chain. 

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