Danielle Thome

Global Product Manager
“Meeting and connecting with customers, gaining a deep understanding of their color needs and then collaborating with R&D to bring our vision to completion is the greatest satisfaction. Seeing that solution implemented in a customer’s lab is even better!”

— Danielle Thome

Danielle is an integral part of understanding Datacolor’s customer needs. The experience she brings from former positions at global apparel and houseware brands gives Danielle a unique insight into industry trends as well as customer pain points when it comes to color management. As a Datacolor Product Manager, Danielle works closely with our key customers to develop color management programs that ensure successful color formulation, measurement and analysis throughout their supply chain.

Experience + Success

  • Launched CloudQC, a web-based color quality control software
  • Key partner in developing and launched Certify Assessment Service
  • Certified Scrum product owner
  • Member of AATCC
team members sitting at table matching colors

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