Getting to Know Philipp Hediger

Philipp Hediger – First 100 Days on the Job at Datacolor
Philipp Hediger is no newcomer to working with color. Having spent most of his professional career in fashion, Philipp, Datacolor’s new Chief Financial Officer, has a deep understanding of the industry and offers a unique perspective — or “color” — to Datacolor’s executive team.
Thanks to his eight years spent in the fashion industry working with watches and jewelry, Philipp has a deep appreciation for color. “Wearing a watch with different components is just like when you wear a suit with pants and a jacket. Like a suit, you want to make sure when you put the pieces together it’s a perfect match – not ‘about the same color,’ but ‘exactly the same color.’”
While Philipp was held to the same quality standards for color matching in his previous role, he didn’t have the luxury of technology, as all color measurements were performed visually. Philipp now has seen first-hand just how much time and money digital color measurement can save during development and production.
“I was in charge of production for quite a while and would have loved to have a Datacolor device nearby, not only to ensure quality control in running production, but also to streamline the development process for the product,” says Philipp.
Just over 100 days after starting his new role, Philipp is confident he made the right career move by joining the Datacolor team. He has learned a lot about Datacolor, color management and everything in between over the past few months, but his main focus right now is truly immersing himself in the Datacolor company and culture. Philipp believes a connection to the product and the people is just as important as the numbers.
Although he acknowledges how quickly the 100 days have flown by, Philipp has already faced his fair share of challenges and learning opportunities in his new role. He says learning the technology, products and language of a company is difficult, but learning the way of thinking at a company is a challenge in itself – though, it’s a challenge he happily accepts.
When asked what has surprised him most about color management, he responded with candor,
“What I know now is that I hardly know anything. One hundred days is a short period of time. It’s not just about changing things. It’s important to listen and to understand the company.”
Philipp advises other executive leaders, regardless of industry, to do the same. The best piece of advice he has to offer is to step back and see the big picture and move forward only after fully understanding the situation and company. “Don’t rush,” he advises. “It’s pretty inefficient.”
As Philipp’s first 100 days as CFO of Datacolor come to a close, he is looking forward to gaining speed, while continuing to learn and grow in his role for his next 100 days and beyond.
Surprisingly, he compares his time at Datacolor to farming.
“Like farming, you plant the seeds during the first 100 days to harvest later on,” says Philipp. “The investment in learning the business in the beginning creates return in the end.”
Just like the harvest, the opportunities for Philipp and Datacolor are plentiful.