Getting to Know Patrice Jaunasse

Patrice Jaunasse is a data person, but from the start, he knew data wasn’t his only calling. Graduating with an electronic and computer science degree, but never quite enjoying the world of programming and web prototypes, Patrice quickly realized he was not interested in R&D. Instead, he pursued a career in management and sales across industries including manufacturing, data management and telecom. This journey allowed him to experience many facets of sales and management, and now, as the Vice President of Sales and Service at Datacolor, he has also made his mark on the color management industry.


Patrice brings a unique analytical perspective to Datacolor. With a background in management and sales from his time at companies such as Thales and Hewlett Packard, Patrice was drawn to the customer-first approach at Datacolor when he joined the company in 2012. Utilizing his own curiosity, and the support of his Datacolor team, Patrice was able to bring forth his fresh perspective and master sales in an unfamiliar color management industry.


Patrice calls himself a “KPI guy” and uses measurable key performance indicators to track success at Datacolor. It’s just the way he manages – and it works. He’s number and fact oriented and is always working to ensure concrete facts and data back up any statements his team makes.


But, sales isn’t just about the numbers. For Patrice, sales is an art form, especially at an innovative and colorful company such as Datacolor. Patrice’s artistic vision for his team is simple: make them the best in class in the art of sales.


“This art starts very simply by being at ease with customers, running an open conversation, listening, engaging in dialogue and having a 360-degree focus on what’s happening in the customer’s industry and life,” says Patrice. “The personal piece is also important.”


Over the course of Patrice’s career, there have been plenty of challenges to overcome, but to him, every challenge is a gift and an opportunity to change, be innovative and improve.


Looking to the future, he wants people to think of Datacolor as an all-encompassing color company that is able to support any type of color measurement and management, from highly technical customers to DIY consumers. Patrice sees a concrete opportunity to open new doors with newly introduced products, such as ColorReader and SpectraVision. He also sees opportunity in acquiring new customers, while of course maintaining his existing installed base and continuing to be aggressive in the market share. He believes the ColorReader specifically is a door opener for Datacolor, as everyone is potentially interested in color.


It’s undeniable that Patrice has been a valuable asset to Datacolor. This vibrant industry has even started rubbing off on his own style. Patrice’s love of scarves has given him trendsetter status around the office. In fact, the French native is hardly ever seen without one. “It’s become a fashion statement,” he says with a smile.