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Our research and development headquarter is located in Lawrenceville, NJ, USA, with close proximity to New York and Philadelphia and a short distance away from the culture-rich town of Princeton. This bright and modern facility houses our R&D, Product Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, and our Pilot and maintenance operations.

Flexible remote working options provide employees with greater work-life balance. We also host a variety of organized activities, such as fitness challenges, food trucks, and company picnics to keep employees connected with each other both in and out of work.

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“I was attracted to Datacolor because of its technical challenge of color, which was new to me… My favorite aspect of working here is the challenge of the work. We are doing high-level technical research on color here and there is a lot to learn.”

Kate Edwards, research scientist | Datacolor


Datacolor has offices in Belgium, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland. Our European work hub is located in the historical city of Ghent, Belgium. Ghent is known for its beautiful medieval architecture, canals, and ten-day-long Ghent Festival. Many of our key regional functions are located in Ghent, such as HR, Marketing, Sales and Support. This vibrant Belgian office is filled with international talents and offers a lively environment to collaborate and develop friendship.

Lunch walks, group yoga, ping pong tournaments, charity fundraising events and Friday afternoon happy hours help our colleagues build life-long friendships.


Company picnic

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Creative meeting space

Creative meeting space

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“If you are looking for a truly inclusive company that doesn’t just have good core values but actually applies them Datacolor is the place for you. Customer Focus, Ethics, Execution, Learn, Ownership, Passion, Teamwork. It’s all there and it’s not just applied towards our customers but amongst colleagues. Working for Datacolor isn’t just about earning a living but also about being seen as an individual and being fulfilled in what you do.”

Edda Van Leemputten, Sales Order | Datacolor


Datacolor’s manufacturing facility is in the beautiful city of SuZhou, our main Asia hub is in the heart of the bustling metropolitan of Shanghai. We also have offices in HongKong, Vietnam, and India.

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“Datacolor has given me the opportunity to work with the great people in the industry. Before joining Datacolor, I was a colorist in a buying office and used Datacolor Spectro every day. Now I can work with the experts around the world including my colleagues and business partners. We share our Professional Expertise and bring innovation to the textile color world.”

Basto Wong, Technical Key Account Manager, ASP / Head Of Assessments
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