Datacolor Remembers Jeff Fain

Core Value – Passion


One of Datacolor’s Core Values is Passion, and it’s often the hardest to explain to new hires. It’s easy to say, “We are passionate about our customers” or “Datacolor is passionate about color”, but what does that look like every day? How do our employees demonstrate passion? Unfortunately, the Datacolor family lost a great example of passion when Jeff Fain passed away this past May. Jeff was a Datacolor Product Manager for 25 years and a proud father of two grown daughters.



Few people are lucky enough in life to find multiple things they are passionate about, and Jeff was one of those lucky individuals. Not only did he travel the world serving as a valued consultant to current and prospective Datacolor customers, he spent his spare time giving back to his community by serving as a hitting coach to the Central Cabarrus High School Softball Team. You could not have a 10-minute conversation with Jeff without him bringing up his softball team – how they did at the last game or how some of the high school sophomores were already being scouted by colleges. His eyes would light up when discussing their accomplishments and his passion was apparent.



Jeff had such a positive impact on so many people during his short life, it became obvious that the Datacolor family has a responsibility to continue that legacy. Given his love of softball, we chose to have a dunk tank at our annual Datacolor Company Picnic to raise funds for the Central Cabarrus High School Softball Team. Members of Datacolor’s Executive Team, including our CEO Albert Busch, and other Datacolor employees, took turns getting dunked. It was a fun, lighthearted event, but we also took time to reflect on our fallen colleague. As a result, we were able to collect $4,359.00 for the softball team Jeff was so passionate about. I know he would be proud of what the Datacolor family accomplished and I look forward to future activities and events in Jeff’s honor.