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Speed and Accuracy Tests with the New SpyderX

The new SpyderX from Datacolor looks promising, with its lens-based color engine and new sensors, but I wanted to do a few tests of my own, to get a sense of the speed and accuracy improvements I was hearing about. Just running it through a basic calibration made it clear that the speed was significantly faster; faster than any other colorimeter I’ve used.[…]

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Massimo Bassano – Friends with Vision

Massimo Bassano was born in the deep South of Italy, in Calabria, from a simple family. And simplicity will accompany him throughout life. From school choices to friends, from sport to profession. Driven by the stories of his father, a good looking dreamer with no hopes, Massimo learns to follow his own dreams. He begins from the love for the sea and the choice of attending the school as a ship captain, he learns as a first experience the art of sailing and immediately falls in love with it.[…]

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