• Why I use color management – with link to the Spyder X2

    When did you start your photography? Oh gosh! I was a 9 year old kid running around trying to express herself with some old Kodak point and shoot my parents gave me. I was probably around 12 when I did my first ‘’editorial shoot '’ with the same Kodak. Had my beautiful long legged friend [...] More
  • "Starry Rush" is a picture from my photo project "Foundry", in which I accompanied the work steps in a foundry.

    Questions for Marcus Westen

    When did you start your photography? My father introduced me to photography when I was still in elementary school. Back then, I took my first pictures with an analog Yashica. As a teenager, I switched to my father's Minolta SRT and took pictures of theater and musical performances at school. Is photography your hobby or [...] More
  • Back to Photographic Normality – Nicolas Alexander Otto

    2022 was a fantastic year. After the Corona crisis, a lot of things got back on track; my photo workshops were better attended, and I had the opportunity to travel with my guests to many familiar and favorite places. One would think that after all these years of traveling to the same destinations, inertia and [...] More
  • Questions for Wisperella

    When did you become interested in photography? Photography has fascinated me since I was a teenager. I learned the first steps to professional handling of the medium in a photo club. My teacher at the time had a significant influence on me. With the development of technology, my repertoire grew at the same time. Is [...] More
  • Q&A With Film Maker Oliver Astrologo

    When did you start your filmmaking/photography ? My journey in visual storytelling began with photography in 2010. Is this your hobby or your profession? While photography ignited my passion for visual arts, I have shifted my focus to filmmaking, which has become my profession. Who and/or what inspires you most? I find great inspiration in [...] More
  • Spyder X2 – The key to “Low-Key” & “High-Key” portraits

    Professional, celebrity photographer Hernan Rodriguez takes us on his photo shoot of singer/songwriter Talia, detailing the setups for success for low-key and high-key portraits and why calibrating your monitor – in this case with Spyder X2 Ultra – is essential for capturing every detail.

  • Monitor Calibration Myths & Facts

    Calibrating your monitor is the best way to ensure color accuracy in addition to streamlining your post-production workflow, yet there are misconceptions about calibration that make some people hesitate to perform this simple task. While color performance and accuracy are dependent upon the physical capabilities of a monitor, calibration maximizes the color performance and accuracy [...] More
  • Questions for Ursula Reinke

    When did you start your photography? Photography was already a part of my design studies in Düsseldorf, Germany. Creative techniques, studio and b&w photography and working in the darkroom were all part of my training. During my many years as a graphic designer for an American company, I captured many events on film with my [...] More
  • Datacolor Spyder Checkr Photo – Color Correction the easy way

    Introduction As photographers, especially the ones professionally working in the industry, we know all too well how important accurate color is. Whether you are a portrait, fashion or travel photographer, preserving the original color from your subject to the final image is key to creating consistent and professional results on a regular basis. Most of [...] More
  • Art documentation using Spyder Checkr Photo

    Datacolor Friends with Vision photographer Marcus Schwier focuses on two photographic genres in particular: architectural photography and art documentation. As different as both disciplines may seem, the step to art documentation was a very small one for the studied architect, because his colleagues from his student days at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf still like [...] More
  • Questions for André Boto

    When did you start your photography? I started to photograph when I was 18 years old. My first camera (a 2 megapixel camera) was a birthday gift. In the beginning, photography helped me with my drawing. I started to photograph outside, so I could photograph my painting subject and look at my monitor inside, rather [...] More
  • Bright colours in a simple location – a fashion shoot with Sascha Hüttenhain

    Concept and idea: My idea was to play with the bright colours of pretty outfits in a very reduced location that is rather grey and definitely not playful. To make my vision realisable, I thought about a concept before the shoot and planned the implementation very thoroughly. Straight lines of the architecture, but also the [...] More
  • Questions for Eric t’Kindt

    When did you start your photography? I bought my first camera in 1986. When I still lived at home, I was usually the family photographer. Is photography your hobby or your profession? Photography is my hobby, but a very passionate one. Tell us about the image you entered in the contest. What’s the story behind [...] More
  • Color consistent Workflow – an autumn portrait shoot with Nela König

    Content Creation – an example of how Spyder Checkr Photo achieves a consistent look across all camera systems for a portrait shooting, as well as images taken with smartphones for social media communication. I love to capture emotions, movements and our connection with nature in my pictures – in this case, it was especially fun [...] More
  • Questions for Susanne Scholl

    When did you start your photography? I have always enjoyed photography. In the past, I was more interested in landscapes or close-ups of plants, but took pictures in automatic mode only. Because of my dog, who has been with me for 6 years now, I then began to take more interest in animal photography. For [...] More


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