• Chris Martin Scholl – Friends with Vision

    How did you get your start in photography? I have always been a very creative person who was fascinated by visual impressions of all kinds. During my studies in California I found my way to photography, mainly to capture the moments I experienced for family and friends at home. Gradually, however, this turned into my [...] More
  • Movement 

    As a landscape photographer, I would spend so much time and attention ensuring an image was sharp, from the most intimate areas of foreground to the faraway peaks in the distance, that any concept involving movement would seem alien. Waiting for the wind to drop so the branches of the trees cease swaying or speeding [...] More
  • Spotlight On – Peter Li

    How did you get your start in photography? I started shooting with DSLR camera back in 2013 when my first daughter/child was born. Like many dads out there, I wanted to document my growing family. Having a wife who studied Art, she has a very artistic eye and I am very lucky to have someone [...] More
  • Pemaquid Point Lighthouse – One of My Top Locations and How the Seasons and Conditions Impact My Shooting

    By David Long EXIF Data: Focal Length - 22mm, Aperture - f/10, ISO - 100, WB - 6500 K, Exposure - .8 sec Conditions: Filter - None, Month - July, Time - 4:39 AM, Shooting Direction - Northeast Maine has more than its share of iconic lighthouses. From Cape Neddick (Nubble) in the south, to [...] More
  • “Air” over the Limit

    By Camilla Pizzini If you asked me what my most vivid impression of paragliding was, I would tell you “The air and the wind lashing and cutting your face.” We can't help but imagine a beautiful winter landscape without a blanket of snow, or a breathtaking lake or mountain, but it is the air, the [...] More
  • Questions for Walter Fogel – “Opposites” photo competition

    When did you start your photography? I started taking photos as a hobby when I was 16, and I was soon doing photo reporting for various daily newspapers. After studying sports and German studies, I took on an assistant position with the fashion photographer Rudi Goedtler in Lörrach. That was the launch of my professional [...] More
  • Why Owning a Light & Color Meter Makes Sense

    Maybe you’re considering incorporating a light & color meter into your photography or videography workflow, but you’re not sure if it’s necessary given that digital cameras have their own built-in meters. Your camera’s built-in meter can only provide the average light measurement of a scene, which can result in images/footage that can be over or [...] More
  • Understanding Lighting Ratios

    1:1, 2:1, 3:1 – lighting ratios have you confused? Let’s throw some light on the situation. Lighting ratios let you know the relationship of how two sources of light – typically, a key light and a fill light - fall onto a subject, expressing the difference between highlights and shadows. A ratio expressed as 1:1 [...] More
  • Macrophotography – creative portraits of small things

    Macro photography typically takes place at an image scale of around 1:1. - an area that only real macro lenses can reach with their very small, close-up distance (i.e. the minimum distance where the lens can still focus) and which can be technically demanding and interesting, but quickly lost its appeal for me. I'm more [...] More
  • Datacolor Spyder Checkr Video: A real-world test during my trip to Japan – Part 2 – In Post-Production

    Adjusting Color Accuracy in Post-Production Personally, I use DaVinci Resolve for video editing and color grading, but you can implement the following steps with any non-linear editing software of your choice. First, let’s bring one of the reference clips into the timeline and then switch over to the DaVinci’s color tab, where all the magic [...] More
  • Datacolor Spyder Checkr Video: A real-world test during my trip to Japan – Part 1 – On Location

    Being a member of Datacolor’s Friends with Vision as well as creating photography, videography and fine art prints for several years now, I deal with a lot of situations where accurate color representation is very critical to my finished work. As a hybrid shooter who produces both photos and videos, I often deal with different [...] More
  • Questions for Eva Wiedemann – Photo Contest “Opposites”

    When did you become interested in photography? I have always been fascinated by photography, but a few years ago I really got into it.My interest was sparked by a strategy game called Gurushots, in which the timing and quality of photos determine success. Participating in this game with different teams and exchanging ideas with friends [...] More
  • The Fast & Furious by Hernan Rodriguez

    The Fast & Furious; Noel Gugliemi – The Quick & Easy; Spyder Checkr Photo I had the magnificent pleasure of working on a multi-faceted photo shoot with actor/philanthropist Noel Gugliemi, from the blockbuster movie series, The Fast and the Furious. The purpose of the shoot was to create a range of images to be used [...] More
  • Questions for André Leandowski

    When did you start your photography? I took photos every now and then when I was younger, without any particular focus or goal in mind. After many years, I rediscovered photography at the beginning of 2023. Is photography your hobby or your profession? Photography is a hobby for me Where and how was the image [...] More
  • Spotlight On – Andy Farrer

    How did you get your start in photography? As a child I enjoyed coastal walks and visiting nature reserves, and always had a camera with. My high school had a darkroom and my art teacher was a passionate photographer who always encouraged me to pursue my hobby and was a huge inspiration to me. He [...] More


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