• Questions for Ursula Reinke

    When did you start your photography? Photography was already a part of my design studies in Düsseldorf, Germany. Creative techniques, studio and b&w photography and working in the darkroom were all part of my training. During my many years as a graphic designer for an American company, I captured many events on film with my [...] More
  • Datacolor Spyder Checkr Photo – Color Correction the easy way

    Introduction As photographers, especially the ones professionally working in the industry, we know all too well how important accurate color is. Whether you are a portrait, fashion or travel photographer, preserving the original color from your subject to the final image is key to creating consistent and professional results on a regular basis. Most of [...] More
  • Art documentation using Spyder Checkr Photo

    Datacolor Friends with Vision photographer Marcus Schwier focuses on two photographic genres in particular: architectural photography and art documentation. As different as both disciplines may seem, the step to art documentation was a very small one for the studied architect, because his colleagues from his student days at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf still like [...] More
  • Bright colours in a simple location – a fashion shoot with Sascha Hüttenhain

    Concept and idea: My idea was to play with the bright colours of pretty outfits in a very reduced location that is rather grey and definitely not playful. To make my vision realisable, I thought about a concept before the shoot and planned the implementation very thoroughly. Straight lines of the architecture, but also the [...] More
  • Advanced Editing in Spyder Print

    We all know the importance of creating a calibrated display for an accurate view of your digital world. But a Color Managed Workflow includes more than display calibration – input and output steps can be Color Managed as well. Datacolor’s solution for output calibration is Spyder Print. The Problem One of the characteristics of a [...] More
  • Questions for André Boto

    When did you start your photography? I started to photograph when I was 18 years old. My first camera (a 2 megapixel camera) was a birthday gift. In the beginning, photography helped me with my drawing. I started to photograph outside, so I could photograph my painting subject and look at my monitor inside, rather [...] More
  • Questions for Eric t’Kindt

    When did you start your photography? I bought my first camera in 1986. When I still lived at home, I was usually the family photographer. Is photography your hobby or your profession? Photography is my hobby, but a very passionate one. Tell us about the image you entered in the contest. What’s the story behind [...] More
  • How Accurate is Your Camera’s Preview Image?

    With digital photography, the first view of our images is on the screen on the back of the camera. But just how reliable is that image preview, as well as the histogram that can also be displayed on the camera? And, more to the point, are there times when it is giving you less than [...] More
  • Color

    As a commercial food and drink photographer, Friends with Vision photographer, Scott Choucino notes that, “Color is everything to me – especially with recent shifts in trends towards more visually graphic advertising.” Here, he shares his thoughts on his work. Believe it or not, 99.9% of the photographs I see in my mind are black [...] More
  • Color perception with different light sources

    By: Oliver Mews Colors can look different depending on the spectral composition of the light source under which a color or object is viewed. For example, a bright red car viewed in the artificial light of a gas station or streetlamp will look very different when viewed in daylight. The same principle applies to color [...] More
  • What is Color Management?

    In digital imaging systems, Color Management includes the technology and best practices designed to create digital communications that ensure consistency of color representation across various devices. In digital workflows, information is saved, rendered and outputted. Color Management is used to correct and quantify a device’s color output so information between devices can be effectively used. [...] More
  • “Keeping it Real” – No Matter Where You Shoot! – Part 1 by Hernan Rodriguez

    Among many other things, there are two important factors I always consider when shooting portraits on location as well as in studio; the expressions need to be authentic, and the skin tones must be accurate, unless I am shooting for special effect. This should be at the top of your priority list anytime a person [...] More
  • “Keeping it Real” – No Matter Where You Shoot! Part 2 by Hernan Rodriguez

    Building an On-Location Studio For this segment, I’d like to share with you how I created a commercial advertising shoot on location with Mario Lopez and his family for the shoe brand DSW. When I am commissioned to shoot on location I try to find out as many details as I can. From location spots, [...] More
  • The Easiest Way to Color Coordinate Your Photo Shoot

    Color-coordinating your photo shoot has never been easier with ColorReader EZ and Savage Universal backgrounds. ColorReader EZ is pocket-sized, Bluetooth-enabled color matching device that lets you quickly scan the flat surface of an object’s color to find its Savage Universal background color match (as well as paint color match, RBG, Hex and CIE Lab color [...] More
  • Autumn Schrock and Spyder Checkr Photo – Precise, Consistent Color Made Easy

    Professional photographer and Datacolor Friend with Vision Autumn Schrock, walks us through her photographic process using the Spyder X monitor calibrator and Spyder Checkr Photo – our latest Spyder Checkr offering. The Spyder Checkr Photo includes 62 target patches. It comes with four interchangeable cards that include a robust color target offering 30 colors, 6 [...] More


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