• Adjusting white balance, colors and saturation in DaVinci Resolve using Spyder Checkr Video

    Spyder Checkr Video helps videographers optimize their video workflow. It ensures accurate video color and exposure and can be used in a variety of video editing applications. In the video below, Marco Schreiber explains how to use Spyder Checkr Video in DaVinci Resolve. Marco Schreiber is a professional videographer, cinematographer, colorist and DaVinci Resolve trainer [...] More
  • Street & Travel Photography – 10 Images, 10 Behind-the-Scenes, 10 Tips

    Klaus Wohlmann is a professional photographer and one of our Friends with Vision. He lives and works in Cologne, Germany, and has been a freelance painter and photographer since 1993. His two passions in photography are travel and street photography, two genres that can be combined easily. Most other areas of photography are not as [...] More
  • Street and Travel Photography

    Street and travel portraits In recent years many photographers discovered the exciting field of street and travel portraits. Street and travel portraits are associated with the genre of portrait photography and not street photography, as one might expect. For that reason, the rules for street and travel portraits are more connected to general portrait photography. [...] More
  • The Colors in Black and White Photography

    Black and white photography continues to be very popular. This is also reflected in the field of street photography, which takes on an important role in photo communities such as Flickr or 500px. Old masters like Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson or Ansel Adams, whose works still strongly influence modern photography, are certainly also responsible for [...] More
  • Professional Color-Grading

    Color-grading is a classic movie topic. The colorist is responsible for processing color corrections and for matching the final movie in terms of brightness, color, and gradation to achieve the mood desired by the director. Creating a "look & feel" The significance of the colorist has increased in the digital era. Advertising, music videos and [...] More
  • Why I use color management

    When did you start your photography? Oh gosh! I was a 9 year old kid running around trying to express herself with some old Kodak point and shoot my parents gave me. I was probably around 12 when I did my first ‘’editorial shoot '’ with the same Kodak. Had my beautiful long legged friend [...] More
  • "Starry Rush" is a picture from my photo project "Foundry", in which I accompanied the work steps in a foundry.

    Questions for Marcus Westen

    When did you start your photography? My father introduced me to photography when I was still in elementary school. Back then, I took my first pictures with an analog Yashica. As a teenager, I switched to my father's Minolta SRT and took pictures of theater and musical performances at school. Is photography your hobby or [...] More
  • Back to Photographic Normality – Nicolas Alexander Otto

    2022 was a fantastic year. After the Corona crisis, a lot of things got back on track; my photo workshops were better attended, and I had the opportunity to travel with my guests to many familiar and favorite places. One would think that after all these years of traveling to the same destinations, inertia and [...] More
  • Questions for Wisperella

    When did you become interested in photography? Photography has fascinated me since I was a teenager. I learned the first steps to professional handling of the medium in a photo club. My teacher at the time had a significant influence on me. With the development of technology, my repertoire grew at the same time. Is [...] More
  • Q&A With Film Maker Oliver Astrologo

    When did you start your filmmaking/photography ? My journey in visual storytelling began with photography in 2010. Is this your hobby or your profession? While photography ignited my passion for visual arts, I have shifted my focus to filmmaking, which has become my profession. Who and/or what inspires you most? I find great inspiration in [...] More
  • Monitor Calibration Myths & Facts

    Calibrating your monitor is the best way to ensure color accuracy in addition to streamlining your post-production workflow, yet there are misconceptions about calibration that make some people hesitate to perform this simple task. While color performance and accuracy are dependent upon the physical capabilities of a monitor, calibration maximizes the color performance and accuracy [...] More
  • Questions for Eric t’Kindt

    When did you start your photography? I bought my first camera in 1986. When I still lived at home, I was usually the family photographer. Is photography your hobby or your profession? Photography is my hobby, but a very passionate one. Tell us about the image you entered in the contest. What’s the story behind [...] More
  • Color consistent Workflow – an autumn portrait shoot with Nela König

    Content Creation – an example of how Spyder Checkr Photo achieves a consistent look across all camera systems for a portrait shooting, as well as images taken with smartphones for social media communication. I love to capture emotions, movements and our connection with nature in my pictures – in this case, it was especially fun [...] More
  • Questions for Susanne Scholl

    When did you start your photography? I have always enjoyed photography. In the past, I was more interested in landscapes or close-ups of plants, but took pictures in automatic mode only. Because of my dog, who has been with me for 6 years now, I then began to take more interest in animal photography. For [...] More
  • Color

    As a commercial food and drink photographer, Friends with Vision photographer, Scott Choucino notes that, “Color is everything to me – especially with recent shifts in trends towards more visually graphic advertising.” Here, he shares his thoughts on his work. Believe it or not, 99.9% of the photographs I see in my mind are black [...] More


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