• Questions for Conny Müller – Photo Contest “Opposites”

    When did you start your photography? I got my first analog camera for my first communion in 1962. Since then, the subject has never let go of me. Photography became particularly interesting for me when I was able to combine my subjects of graphics/painting and photography through digitization. Is photography your hobby or your profession? [...] More
  • Mark Mawson – SHOOT STORY: Nespresso “Barista Creations”

    Liquid specialist Mark Mawson takes us on his journey of a campaign shot for Nespresso. Talking in depth about how to manage the special effects as well as ensuring the precise colours were achieved all whilst working with the unpredictability of liquids! ©Mark Mawson Towards the end of last year, myself and my production team [...] More
  • Why Color Correcting Your Digital Camera Makes Sense

    Putting effort into something upfront often leads to better results at the end – like color correcting your digital camera before you start shooting. While you can certainly make adjustments to your images by eye in post-production, taking a minute to capture an image of a SpyderCheckr first saves considerable time and effort in getting [...] More
  • Picture Earth

    Earth is an ever-increasing element in my wildlife photography. Of course, I’m not talking about the totality of the planet itself, but more in the sense of including the landscape and environment within my images. Once upon a time it was a very common practice for wildlife photography to be all about filling the frame [...] More
  • Earth: A Place of Awe and Wonder

    With a net in one hand and a bucket in the other, my brother and I were full of anticipation as we walked the cobbled streets of a quaint seaside village to an attractive beach on the northeast coast of England. We were excited by the sense of adventure and discovery as we explored the [...] More
  • Water as a Source of Photographic Inspiration

    Water is the primary resource par excellence and it's also the thematic thread of my photographic focus. Water as an element offers a thousand interpretations and is a personal source of artistic inspiration for me. Nature inspires me with its beauty and its strength - so different, so dynamic - it creates different photographic opportunities [...] More
  • Photographing Fireworks

    Flashes of Light Since the early days of photography, flashes of light have been a common feature. Explosive powder was one of the first methods of lighting a subject, whereby a photographer would ignite a tray of metal powder and chlorate to create a bright flash - sometimes seriously injuring themselves in the process! This [...] More
  • The Fire of a Hundred Billion Blazing Star

    The element of fire was the reason I first picked up a camera back in 2017. This hobby-turned-passion has now transformed into a professional career but I have the stars to thank for first inspiring me to create and share my work with the world. Before I began my career as a travel photographer I [...] More
  • Questions for Ralph Gräf – Photo Contest “Opposites”

    When did you get started in photography? My father loved photography and gave me my first camera when I was just 8 years old. I then bought my first SLR camera when I was 16 with money I had earned myself. Is photography your hobby or your profession? I am an amateur photographer and earn [...] More
  • Video Color Correction – Part 2 – Color Reference Cards

    Why does my picture look different on every monitor? And how do colorists manage to make it look good everywhere? Color correction, in particular "display-referred color grading", plays a decisive role in film and post-production. It refers to how colors are rendered on the screen and is in contrast to "Scene-Referred Color Grading", which refers [...] More
  • Video Color Correction – Part 1 – LUTs

    Part 1 - Look Up Tables (LUTs) In the big world of filmmaking and photography, where every image tells a story and colors have the power to open up different worlds and evoke emotions, there is one tool that makes a significant contribution to making it all work - LUTs. But what exactly are LUTs? [...] More
  • Survey: Color management in video and film still has room for improvement

    Datacolor hosted a free webinar series in November and December as part of the Spyder Checkr Video product launch, where top-class speakers from the film and video production industry demonstrated the Spyder Checkr Video in use with popular video editing programs. The webinar also included questions for participants to find out more about how they [...] More
  • Travel Photography: Tips and Tricks for High Contrast Scenes

    It’s summer, time for travelling and also peak season for nature and travel photography. Digital cameras are still getting better and better and easier to use. However, sometimes it is quite disappointing that a picture such as a historic city alley either is partly underexposed with huge dark shadow areas, or the roofs and the [...] More
  • Color management and natural skin tones

    The daily work of professional photographers delivers a large number of images. Therefore it is important to achieve consistent and non-varying image results and it is recommended to set up a suitable color management to keep the time for the post-processing workflow as low as possible. Fees are mostly paid for the shooting time and [...] More
  • Autofocus: Razor-sharp images and high resolution sensors

    Autofocus systems are an inherent part of modern digital cameras. Additional autofocus assistants like face- or eye-recognition support the photographer to accurately capture common subjects. However, in the field of creative photography there are a few possible autofocus pitfalls in combination with high resolution image sensors. This applies also to sport-, action and macro photography. [...] More


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