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Solving Capture Problems at the start of your Workflow with Richard West

Photographers frequently encounter calibration issues during a shoot. Perhaps your lens is displaying a front or back focus issue, or you are concerned with constantly changing lighting conditions during an outdoor shoot and how that will impact the time spent editing your RAW files later. Maybe you are seeing problems in color output from your camera over time and you want to improve consistency in your digital workflow, or you can see opportunities to improve color accuracy during post-production.

Datacolor’s Calibration Solutions for the Capture and post-processing stages of your workflow can solve these problems and more.

Richard West will cover the different concerns photographers face with calibration before they even start a shoot or sit down to edit their images. He’ll take you through Datacolor’s calibration solutions for Capture or post-production workflow and give real life examples for practical usage and improved results with tips and tricks for best use in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

The session will end with your opportunity to put forward questions for Richard and the Team to answer.

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