Minuteman Press: Spyder5 Pro Review

Minuteman Press
Published July 3, 2015
Jonathan Kwan
The need for screen calibration


A screen calibrator is an essential piece of kit for any regular screen user, when Minuteman Press Bristol commenced screen calibration the improvement was incredible; red, green, blue (RGB) on screen colours became closer to cyan, magenta, yellow, black (CMYK) print output, instances of physical headaches declined and eye strain reduced. Screen calibration is the digital tool that users remain blissfully unaware of; the performance of the screen judged by its factory defaults, users adjusting settings without scientific regard for the effect of ambient light.


Historical calibration


At Minuteman Press Bristol we have used our trusty Datacolor Spyder3Pro to calibrate screens in conjunction with Xerox and Konica Minolta printer calibrators for quite a few years but there came a time when technology had genuinely progressed by a credible degree that embracing the very latest technology was worthwhile.


Datacolor Spyder5 Pro


After extensive due diligence research of reports available and based on our historical positive experiences with Datacolor we determined to remain loyal and purchase the Datacolor Spyder5 Pro Colorimeter. We paid a reasonable £125 including VAT, which is in the region of the price we paid for the Spyder3 Pro many moons ago.


One calibration device can be used on multiple screens; it is not required to purchase an appliance per screen. The unit price relative to multiple screens will necessarily be a pleasant surprise to the prospective purchaser.

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